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FL125B flail mowers for compact tractors is an ideal flail mower for sale. Fitted with blades, they are perfect for flat land grass and trimming brush sides.


The flail mower has passed the dynamic balance testing, which ensures the durability of the blade in high-speed running and less noise. With double Y shape blades, the FL125B has a higher cutting efficiency. The flail mower roller two ends include integral bearings to ensure the flexibility of rotating and prevents hard abrasion.


Front steel safety flaps allow material to enter the cutting chamber, but prevent pieces from being throw out at high speed, the closed chamber means you can handler loose feed such as root crops without leakage.


  • Can be used inline or offset.
  • Three-point hitch, category 1.
  • Standard Gearbox 540 rpm with free wheel.
  • Two belt transmission with adjustable tensioner.
  • Rotor with Blades.
  • Adjustable rear roller (3 positions).
  • Universal PTO shaft Category 2.
  • Transmission with two belt drives.
  • 18 -40 HP Required
  • 1 Years warranty


What are flail mowers?


A flail mower slices with “flails”, Y- or T-shaped edges, connected to a long shaft. This cylinder, powered by the PTO drive, operates parallel to the ground, and as it rotates these blades shred heavy grass and scrub. Cut material is kept under the mower for a longer period enabling it to be further shredded, and then the finer clippings are scattered evenly across the full width of the flail mower. This assures that clippings do not clump and pile, possibly killing regrowth and ultimately leaving bare spots in the field.


Flail mowers exceed at cutting vines and brush. This makes them the ideal choice for areas that are not only grassy but also crowded with other types of vegetation. Flail mowers for compact tractors do a nice job of mulching what has been cut thus delivering nutrients to the soil. Adding to their versatility, some flail mowers for sale can be extended to the side and angled to cut the sides of ditches and banks. Their straight cut and design also decrease the risk of thrown debris making them a more suitable choice for mowing areas with rocks, woody matter and even litter, or anywhere people may be present nearby. If damaged, the individual flails are easy to replace.



Flail mowers for compact tractors are perfect for cutting heavy grass and scrub. The FarmMaster FL125B is a superb flail mower for sale. We have different sizes in the FarmMaster FL series flail mower for sale series to suit your requirements. In addition, we have a full range of FarmMaster compact tractor attachments to suit any purpose. 


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FL125B FARMMASTER 1.25m Flail Mower For Sale (With Blades)

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    A flail mower is a piece of equipment that is used to deal with heavier scrub or grass which a regular lawn mower can’t cope with. If you’re looking for the ideal flail mower for sale, Beckside Machinery has a flail to suit your requirements. Our comprehensive, FarmMaster compact tractor attachments for sale include various models of hydraulic side shift flail mower,  verge flail mower, and flail hedge cutter, along with an ATV flail mower to fit a quad bike. Additionally, we sell the Wessex Proline range by Wessex International. Please call us on 01673 828 965 if you need any help in choosing the right compact tractor implement for your needs.

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