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  • 15hp engine
  • Turf tyres
  • 744 hours of operation
  • Manual transmission
  • 3-point linkage
  • Standard PTO
  • 1 x D/A spool valve
  • 1 x S/A spool valve


Description: The Iseki TX2140 Compact Tractor is designed for those who demand performance, versatility, and comfort. Equipped with a 15 horsepower engine and an efficient manual transmission, it delivers the power you need for tough jobs. Its robust construction ensures durability, while the advanced hydraulic system, including 1 x D/A spool valve and 1 x D/A spool valve, allows for a wide range of attachments. The operator station is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring comfort and ease of use for long working hours.


Service Details:

  • Beckside Machinery provides high-quality, used compact tractors for sale.
  • Expert mechanics conduct thorough servicing and maintenance on every tractor.
  • Includes comprehensive engine and bodywork inspections.
  • Checks on all functionalities to ensure they meet Beckside Machinery's exacting standards.
  • Essential maintenance is performed regularly, including oil and filter changes for hydraulic, fuel, and oil systems.
  • Necessary steps, including the addition of anti-freeze, are taken to ensure optimal performance in all conditions.




Contact Details: For more info on this used Iseki tractor, contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965.

Iseki TX2140 Compact Tractor for sale


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