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Beckside Machinery offers the Kubota B2530, a dependable choice for those in need of a used compact tractor. This pre-owned model is in good condition and is a practical solution for various agricultural and gardening needs, making it an excellent addition to our range of used compact tractors for sale in the UK.




- Shuttle Transmission: Provides easy and efficient gear shifts.
- Operating Hours: 1899 hours, indicating moderate use with proper maintenance.
- Agri Tyres: Suitable for varied terrain, offering good traction and stability.
- 1 x Single Acting (S/A) Spool Valve: Enhances the tractor’s hydraulic capacity for multiple attachments.
- Foldable ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure): Ensures safety, and is foldable for convenience.
- Draw Bar: Adds to the tractor’s towing ability.
- Condition: The tractor is in good working condition, ready for its next task.


Service and Maintenance Record:

Our skilled mechanics have thoroughly serviced this tractor. The comprehensive service includes a full inspection, an electrical system check, and essential maintenance such as oil and filter changes. Preparations for winter conditions have also been made with the addition of anti-freeze treatments, ensuring it's ready for any task, much like our other second hand compact tractors for sale.


Pricing and Contact Information:

This Kubota B2530 is available for £7995 plus VAT. For more details or to view our range of used compact tractors, please contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965. You can also explore our extensive selection of used compact tractors for sale UK by visiting our website.

Kubota B2530 Used Compact Tractor


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