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  • Powerful 52HP engine
  • Hours 4643

  • Heated and air-conditioned cab for comfort in all conditions
  • Multiple double-acting (D/A) spool valves (1x and 2x)
  • Automatic pickup hitch for easy attachment operations
  • Turf tyres suitable for soft ground without damage


Description: The Kubota L5040 compact tractor is tailored for those who value robust performance, user comfort, and operational efficiency. It comes equipped with a strong 52HP engine, ensuring powerful performance across various tasks. This used Kubota compact tractor is fitted with both a heated and air-conditioned cab, providing year-round comfort. The presence of three double-acting spool valves enhances its versatility in attaching and operating various implements. The auto pickup hitch adds convenience by facilitating easy attachment changes. Additionally, its turf tyres are ideal for maintaining lawn and turf without causing harm, making it an excellent choice for landscaping and estate management.


Service Details:

  • Beckside Machinery offers high-quality, used compact tractors for sale UK.
  • Every second-hand compact tractor for sale undergoes thorough servicing and maintenance by expert mechanics.
  • This includes comprehensive inspections of engine and bodywork.
  • All functionalities are checked to meet Beckside Machinery's strict standards.
  • Regular essential maintenance such as oil and filter changes for hydraulic, fuel, and oil systems are performed.
  • The electrical system, including lights, is meticulously checked to ensure top performance.
  • Preparations including anti-freeze are made to guarantee optimal performance in all operating conditions.


Price: £12,995 plus VAT and delivery.


Contact Details: For more information on this used compact Kubota tractor for sale, contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965.

Kubota L5040 Compact Tractor for Sale


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