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2016 Latest Model

Very good condition



Power Steering

Carry up to 15.2 cubic feet of cargo


Introducing the RTV-X Series from Kubota. Four rugged and reliable utility vehicles with more of the things that you need to get the job done right.


Get ready for an advanced RTV experience.

Kubota RTVs have been the best-selling diesel utility vehicles in North America since 2004.* And no wonder. Each year, they set the standard for ruggedness and reliability, proving themselves ready to work day after day under all kinds of conditions. Well, the best just got a whole lot better. Meet the latest Kubota RTV-X Series, four rough-and-ready RTV’s models that raise the bar on comfort, convenience, and performance. It’s an advanced driving experience, with a smoother ride, better driveability, more legroom, and improved ergonomics throughout. Ready for an RTV experience you won't forget anytime soon? Visit your Kubota dealer today and experience for yourself the all new RTV-X Series.


RTV X 900

Comfort and versatility make this Kubota’s most popular model for all types of jobs. It comes with a powerful 21.6 HP diesel engine and your choice of Kubota Orange or Realtree AP Camo styling.


Power when and where you need it

Even when the path disappears, you can rely on the RTV-X Series’ powerful diesel engines to keep you moving forward. Kubota-built and trail-proven, these 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engines have a well-earned reputation for dependable performance even in the harshest terrains. The RTV-X900 comes with a robust 21.6 HP engine.


VHT-X (Variable Hydraulic Transmission)

Kubota has more experience in variable hydraulic transmissions than any other Utility Vehicle manufacture. The engine torque is maximized through the advanced variable displacement HST motor, resulting in a wider torque band. The Large oil cooler enhances the VHT-X’s performance and durability through cooler operating temperatures.


Strong High-rigidity Frame

The high-rigidity steel frame isolates the occupants from noise, vibrations, and harshness. With structural strength that few in the industry can match, this durable frame can take years of punishment from heavy loads and rough terrain.


Two Speed in Line Shift

You’ll shift less often and maintain better control, thanks to new transmission gearing with just two forward speeds (high and low), plus neutral, and reverse.


20% Larger, Clog-resistant Radiator

Open the hood, and you’ll find the radiator and air-intake located high and up front, where the air is cleaner and cooler. This improves both radiator performance and simplifies maintenance. Kubota’s wide fin pitch design minimizes clogging, further improving radiator performance.


Two-speed In-line Shift

You’ll shift less often and maintain better control, thanks to new transmission gearing with just two forward speeds (high and low), plus neutral, and reverse.


Front & Rear Independent Suspension

Regardless of the terrain or load, independent suspension on all four wheels ensures a truly exceptional ride. Kubota’s Extra Duty IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) technology also sets a new standard for durability.


High Ground Clearance

The X-series raises the bar on ground clearance—to a full 10.4” with 8” of suspension travel—letting you glide over the bumps rather than through them.


Limited-Slip Front Differential

True 4-wheel drive with a limited-slip front differential and a locking rear differential help reduce wheelspin to a minimum, giving you greater control and a smoother ride on rough or muddy terrain.


CV Joint Protectors and Skid Plates

Obstacles on the path? CV joint protectors and heavy-duty skid plates.


Height-adjustable Front and Rear Suspension

Whether you’ve got a heavy load or no load at all, adjustment of the front and rear suspension height will ensure the proper vehicle height for a smooth ride and optimum driveability for hard to get to work environments will protect the most critical parts of the engine and transmission.


Multi Wet Disc Brakes / Dynamic Braking

The RTV-X series uses Multi-disc wet brakes which provide longer brake life. You’ll also feel more secure, especially when traveling down long inclines, knowing that dynamic braking is providing additional braking power and greater driving control.


The experience begins the moment you step into the driver’s compartment and settle into the seat. Clearly, the X-Series was designed for driving comfort and convenience under tough working conditions. More room for your legs, controls that fall naturally under your hands, plenty of utility storage space…from head to toe and side to side, it’s an advanced level of easy, practical driveability that must be experienced to appreciate.


Carry up to 15.2 cubic feet of cargo

It’s not enough to get you there and back. You need to get your stuff there and back, as well. This heavy-duty steel cargo box can do that for you, carrying up to a half-ton (1,102 lbs.) of tools, firewood, gear, supplies...whatever you need to haul from here to there and back again. Cargo tie-down hooks help keep your gear secure.


Dumping Cargo Box*

With the flick of a single lever, the hydraulic-lift cargo box rises and your cargo slides out. Cargo that could take significant physical strength and time to unload can now be dumped with little effort in mere seconds.



    • ENGINE
    • MakeKubota
    • Maximum torque4 ft-lbs @ 1800-2200 rpm (5.6 kg-m @ 30.0-36.7 r/s)
    • ModelD902-E4-UV1
    • Type3-Cylinder, 4-cycle, Diesel, OHV
    • CoolingWater-Cooled
    • Length5 in. (1030 mm)
    • ENGINE
    • Number of cycles4-Cycle
    • Cylinders3-Cylinder
    • Bore and stroke83 x 2.90 in. (72 x 73.6 mm)
    • Displacement8 cu. in. (898 cc)
    • Horsepower
    • Engine gross @ rpm 21.6 Hp (16.1 kw) @ 3200 rpm
    • Engine net @ rpm 20.6 Hp (15.4 kw) @ 3200 rpm
    • LubricationForced lubrication
    • Cooling systemLiquid Cooled w/ Pressurized Radiator
    • Exhaust/mufflerMuffler with screen-type spark arrestor
    • Air filterPaper filter w/ Safety Element
    • Oil filterReplaceable Treated Paper Element
    • TypeLiquid Cooled w/ Pressurized Radiator
    • Fuel typeDiesel
    • Fuel tank capacity9 gals. (30 l)
    • Cooling system capacity2 qts (4.0 l)
    • Engine lubricant oil capacity3 qts (3.1 l)
    • Transmission oil capacity6 gals. (10 l)
    • Brake system capacity4 qts. (0.40 l) - DOT 3 Brake Fluid
    • Steering typeHydrostatic Power Steering
    • Type of front suspensionIndependent, Dual A-arms with adjustable spring preload
    • Differential lock - Front axleFront limited slip differential
    • Type of rear suspensionIndependent with coil over shock
    • Differential lock - Rear axleStandard, foot operated
    • Final driveShaft Drive
    • Brake typeWet-Disk Brakes
    • Parking brakeRear Wheel, Hand Brake
    • Transmission typeVariable Hydrostatic Transmission (VHT-X)
    • Number of ranges2 Range, Low / High
    • Main shift leverTwo-speed In-line shift
    • Control typeAccelerator and brake pedals
    • Drive wheels4, 4WD, w/2WD selection
    • Maximum traveling speed
    • Forward 0 - 25 mph (40 km/h)
    • Reverse 0 - 12 mph (0 - 20 km/h)
    • TypeOpen Center
    • Main pumpGear Pump
    • Power steering pumpHydrostatic Pump
    • Total hydraulic flow0 gpm (18.9 l/min.)
    • Hydraulic remote outletOptional, one double acting with float
    • AlternatorStandard
    • Charging system capacity60 Amps
    • Battery voltage x capacity12 Volts x 540 CCA
    • Block heaterOptional
    • GaugesEngine coolant temperature, fuel guage, hour meter
    • Easy CheckerStandard
    • Instrument panelGlow plugs, oil level, charge status, parking brake indicator
    • LightsTwo halogen headlights and two brake lights
    • Optional lightsWorklights, hazard/signal lights, beacon
    • HornStandard
    • Overall height5 in. (2020 mm)
    • Overall length3 in. (3055 mm) - no front guard
    • Overall width2 in. (1605 mm)
    • Tread width
    • Front 48.8in. (1240 mm)
    • Rear 48.8in. (1240 mm)
    • Wheelbase5 in. (2045mm)
    • Ground clearanceFront 10.5 in. (266 mm) / Rear 10.4 in. (263)
    • Turning radius
    • Without brake 13.1 ft. (4 m)
    • Weight
    • Power unit 1907 lbs. (865 kg)
    • Width7 in. (1465 mm)
    • Depth2 in. (285 mm)
    • Height from ground9 in. (887 mm)
    • Capacity
    • Volume 15.2 cu. ft. (0.43 cu. m)
    • Weight 1102 lbs. (500 kg)
    • Cargo box material thickness14 Gauge, RTP Steel
    • Type of dump system availableManual
    • Maximum payload capacity1664 lbs. (775 kg)
    • Maximum towing capacityFront - 650 lbs. (295 kg), Rear - 1300 lbs. (590kg)
    • TIRES
    • Standard
    • Front 25 x 10 - 12 ATV, 6 PLY
    • Rear 25 x 11 - 12 ATV, 6 PLY
    • Optional
    • Front 25 x 10 - 12 HDWS, 6 PLY
    • Rear 25 x 10 - 12 HDWS, 6 PLY
    • Optional 2
    • Front 25 x 10 - 12 Turf, 4 PLY
    • Rear 25 x 10 - 12 Turf, 4 PLY
    • ROPSSAE J2194, OSHA 1928 ROPS Standard, Rigid
    • Seat belts2-point Retractable
    • Operator’s manual storageStandard
    • Spark arresting mufflerStandard
    • Parking brakesStandard
    • Grab handles for entry / exitStandard
    • FlashersOptional
    • BrakesStandard
    • PaintOrange or Real Tree Camo AP
    • SMVOptional
    • LightsTwo 37.5 watt Halogen headlights
    • Maximum noise level at operators ear85 dB(A)

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