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Kubota L3600 KEY POINTS


  • This is an excellent tractor in very good condition.
  • It is hydro shuttle transmission it has large turf tyres.
  •  An heated cab and only 1921 hours on. 
  • 2 D/A Spool Valves
  • Radio & surround speaker system


Engine: Indirect Injection Vertical, Water cooled-4 Cylinder Diesel.


Bore & Stroke: 87 * 102.4 mm

Engine 38.5hp

PTO Power 33.6hp(45)


The Kubota has an indirect injection, water-cooled four-cycle diesel engine. The Kubota l3600 has a vortex combustion system where the air mixes evenly with fuel from the injection system, which delivers extra power and makes it more efficient. This system allows you to have high torque rise for heavy loads and low speeds. 


The Hydro shuttle plus offers semi automatic controls for both the pump and drive motor for excellent performance under extreme conditions which provides an exceptional user experience. 


The tractor has a lift capacity of 1250Kg at lifting point at 24 inches. Behind lifting points 1350 Kg. It is a powerful tractor for smallholders and farmers alike. 


The Kubota L3600 tractor PTO and Hydraulic system are engineered to deliver power and reliable performance, and it is powerful and smooth. Its three Remote Hydraulic Control Valves for a better selection of hydraulically powered tools.


The L3600 compact tractor and PTO are designed for power and reliability, and the hydraulic system is engineered for a smooth ride. It has a beautifully designed panel which has an electronic display of speed,

PTO speed and status. You can easily change the panel display to manage tractor efficiency, safety and productivity. 


The cab is extremely spacious for an exceptional level of comfort. It has a comfy chair with plenty of room to stretch your legs while you are working. 

Its design says "big is beautiful," which gives easy access to controls and levers. The cab has great head clearance which makes a comfortable ride. Everything is at yor fingertips for maximum operability.






Kubota Tractor L3600 Cab Tractor | Used small tractors


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