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Polaris Sportsman® 110 EFI Kids Quad Bike: 112cc YOUTH ATV FOR SALE FOR KIDS 10 AND OLDER.


The Polaris Sportsman® 110 EFI Kids quad bike is the perfect Polaris ATV to introduce your kids to the delights of off-roading. Ideal for young operators ages 10 and older with adult guidance, the Polaris Sportsman 110 EFI delivers dependable performance and standard safety features.


The Polaris Sportsman® 110 EFI comes standard with a single youth helmet, safety tether, daytime operating lights, safety whip flag, speed restricting adjuster, and a training DVD. 


They make their kid-sized Polaris Sportsman and Outlaw chassis somewhat larger than what the opposition offers. Between the two, the Polair Sportsman is slightly more substantial at 292 pounds and brings about a halfgallon more petrol. Its racks are measured for 15 pounds up front and 30 out back. Both quads for sale  are 36.75 inches wide, 61.25 inches long and 38.5 inches tall. For illustration, Kawasaki’s KFX90 is an inch narrower and 5 inches smaller.


When we let the area kids take the kids quad bikes for a spin, smaller 10-year-olds fit just fine and could handle the machines around a small track with no difficulties. Bigger kids around 12 years old still had a blast sliding them around. In fact, adults can really fit quite well on both of these kids quads. From the seating location to the size of the floorboards, adults of all sizes can use them for transportation.


An electric starter makes the single-overhead-cam four-stroke mill up and running. Acknowledgements to the electronic fuel injection there is no choke to worry about, and warm-up time is prompt. The kids quads have full-coverage fenders, and the engine is shielded adequately to keep legs from hot engine parts. Instruments are well-sized for smaller hands, and a keyed ignition grants parents the final say when it’s okay to drive.


Both of these kids quads for sale have almost double the wheel travel of any other ATV for sale of its size. The shocks move smooth and soak up the impacts well in most situations. The suspension is not set up for competition and will find its limits. However, for extensive trail riding, the suspension is excellent, and slow speeds are more fluid than anything out there. Steering is easy and never a struggle. The kids quickly discovered how to use the reverse lever to back up. Before the Polaris kids quads were released, very few kids; ATVs for sale had reverse. We think it’s a great idea, since most kids of any measurement would never be able to push their quad bike backwards if they drove into a tight corner. The 112cc motor is not screaming fast, but it is powerful. It has excellent lowend torque that helps it ascend hills, as well as traverse dirt.


If a parent requires, they can fit an electric ignition limiter that chops the top speed in half, which is great for first-timers. For more regulation there is a throttle limiter screw, and for more security there’s an ignition tether that hooks around the rider’s wrist and will close the machine down if the driver dismounts the machine suddenly. Furthermore, Polaris provides a free helmet and orange safety flag for every kids quad for sale.


Polaris Sportsman® 110 EFI Kids Quad Bike

  • Polaris Sportsman 100 Specs

    Engine & Drivetrain

    • Cooling: Air
    • Cylinders Displacement: 112cc
    • Drive System Type: 2WD
    • Engine Type: 4-Stroke Single Cylinder
    • Fuel System/Battery: Electronic Fuel Injection
    • Horsepower: N/A
    • Transmission/Final Drive: Automatic PVT F/N/R; O-ring Chain


    • Bed Box Dimensions (L x W x H): N/A
    • Estimated Dry Weight: 289 lb (131 kg)
    • Front Rack Capacity: 15 lb (6.8 kg)
    • Fuel Capacity: 2.0 gal (7.8 L)
    • Ground Clearance: 4 in (10.2 cm)
    • Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H): 61.75 x 36.75 x 38.5 in (156.8 x 93.3 x 97.8 cm)
    • Payload Capacity: N/A
    • Rear Rack Capacity: 30 lb (13.6 kg)
    • Seat Height: 27 in (68.6 cm)
    • Wheelbase: 41.5 in (105.4 cm)


    • Front/Rear Brakes: 4-Wheel Drum
    • Parking Brake: Lockable Hand Lever

    Additional Specifications

    • Front Suspension: Single A-Arm with 5 in (12.7 cm) Travel
    • Instrumentation: N/R Light
    • Lighting: Dual Front Running Lights, Single Rear Brakelight/Taillight
    • Other Standard Features: Safety Flag, Parent-Adjustable Speed Limiter, 1 Color Matched Youth Helmet, Training DVD, Safety Tether
    • Rear Suspension: Mono-Shock Swingarm with 6 in (15.2 cm) Travel

    Tires / Wheels

    • Front Tires: 19 x 7-8 Duro
    • Rear Tires: 18 x 9.5-8 Duro
    • Wheels: Stamped Steel

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