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Designed for compact tractors, the SWP115 Tractor Sweeper combines efficiency with convenience. With dimensions of 1.33 x 1.43 x 1m and a working width of 1150mm, it's engineered for optimal coverage, boasting an efficiency of 6600 m²/h. The sweeper is compatible with tractors up to 45HP and features a lightweight design at 200kg. Key specifications include a 3-point hitch type 1 linkage, PTO transmission with a quick coupler, and a durable nylon brush with a steel 45 rotor for effective cleaning. Additional features enhance usability and maintenance:


  • Optional rod: Facilitates easy removal of trash and debris from the dust collection box.
  • Rear wheel support bar: Allows for height adjustment of the brush, tailoring sweeping height to your needs.
  • Three-point linkage with parking stands: Ensures stability and ease of storage.
  • Inspection window: Offers a convenient way to check oil levels.
  • High-quality Nylon brush: Ensures durability and effective sweeping.


Ideal for removing leaves, sawdust, dirt, dust, and light snow, the SWP115 is perfect for various surfaces including industries, pavements, and roads. For additional details or inquiries, Beckside Machinery can be contacted at 01673 828 965, offering professional guidance and support for your sweeping needs.

SWP115 power sweeper & compact tractor road sweeper

  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 1.33 x 1.43 x 1m
    • Working width: 1150mm
    • Efficiency: 6600 m²/h
    • Required tractor power: ≤45HP
    • Weight: 200kg
    • Suspension type: 3-point hitch type 1 linkage
    • Transmission: PTO with quick coupler
    • Brush material: High-quality nylon
    • Rotor material: Steel 45
    • Brush speed: 165
    • Brush diameter: 51cm
    • Suitable for small and compact tractors
    • Ideal for sweeping leaves, sawdust, dirt, dust, and light snow
    • Usable on various surfaces

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