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  • 3231 hours
  • Good condition
  • Cab
  • Shuttle transmission


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General construction

The transmission case, Clutch, Clutch housing, Engine and Front Axle Support are bolted together to form a rigid unit


Front Axle & Wheels

The 4WD front axle is a center-pivot, reverse Eliot type. The front wheel drive mechanism is incorporated as a part of the axle. The front wheel drive power is taken off the rear transmission and transmitted to the differential in the front axle where the power is divided into right and left and to the respective final cases. In the final cases, the transmitted revolution is reduced by the level gears to drive the front wheel. The 4WD mechanism with level gears provides wider steering and greater durability.



This compact tractor is fitted with vertical, Water-cooled 4-cycle and spherical chamber type KUBOTA ENGINES(T431)


Clutch and Transmission

A single plate dry clutch(10.24″diameter) is used on these used tractors for sale UK. Compact tractor with IPTO(Independent Power Take Off) are fitted with hydraulic Clutch Assy. The transmission Gear box has sixteen forward & sixteen reverse speeds of T431/T451 with high-low selector lever, Presently, TYM Tractors Tractors are fitted with partial partial synchro synchro mesh type gears.



TYM second hand tractors are provided with independent disc brakes operated by two road travel. A foot brake lever is fitted for parking.


Rear axle & Wheels

This is mounted on ball bearings and is enclosed in removable housing which are bolted to the transmission case. The rim & Disc fitted with Rear tires are bolted to the outer flange of Rear Axle.


Hydraulic system & Linkages.

TYM Tractors are fitted with Live (i.e. system is in operation even when clutch is disengaged.) independent, very touch of hydraulic System. Three point Linkages can be used for category 1 type of implements

TYM Compact Tractor For Sale T431 Cab


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