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*These are the brand new small tractors.


The VST-EURO is the very latest small tractors for sale in the UK. VST has a very impressive track record for manufacturing premier quality compact tractors. They manufacture both Mitsubishi and Branson Tractors and have recently received the “best supplier award” by Mitsubishi.


VST entered into a partnership with Mitsubishi for the manufacture of diesel engines, and the VST-EURO is powered by an 18.5 horsepower, water cooled, 3 cylinders, 4 strokes, indirect injection, naturally aspirated engine. The small tractor has an 18-litre oil tank that supplies high-speed diesel oil to the engine to produce speeds of between 1.2 kmph and 14 kmph maximum. This compact tractor boasts 8 speeds, 6 forward speeds and two in reverse.


LANDLUGGER backhoes feature:

  • Italian hydraulic pumps.
  • Italian hydraulic cylinders.
  • Italian hydraulic hoses.
  • Purpose-specific buckets that are of a similar shape to a £35,000 excavator. Bucket shape has a significant impact on backhoe performance.
  • Up to 6 sizes of buckets from which to choose.
  • Independent, hydraulically-operated stabilizer legs, to optimize stability on uneven ground.
  • Hydraulic control unit with pressure regulator to prevent damage from immovable objects.
  • Adjustable seat for optimal operating position.
  • Tilt seat with gas strut for compact transportation and protection from the elements.


The VST-EURO is a great looking small tractor, supplied in a sleek red and black design. It has a great modern-looking front grill that is newly redesigned to add character to the machine. This features 4 LED and 2 halogen tractor lights that are unique among compact tractors.

The driver area is ergonomically designed for comfort. The seat is manufactured designed for complete safety, and the operator area is spacious. Additionally, the dashboard is well thought out, and with power steering fitted as standard, the VST-EURO compact tractor for sale is ideal for both short and long sessions on the tractor.


VST manufacture the Mitsubishi MT 180D and 5025 R Branson tractors. Their technological expertise and design collaboration with the big names in the compact tractor market make for the VST-EURO new small tractors to be a truly exceptional mini tractor. If you’re looking for a new compact tractor for sale UK stock, then contact Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965.



The LANDLUGGER BH10 Compact Tractor Backhoe Attachment is designed for sub-compact to small tractors, from 15-35hp. It is probably the best tractor backhoe for a sub-compact tractor in UK. In the BH10, LANDLUGGER have been able to engineer a very light and fully-functional backhoe for tractor that is stable and transports safely on your tractor’s linkage. It may also be folded close to the tractor, compactly and conveniently, for storage. It is the best sub-compact tractor backhoe for Kioti tractors and other sub-compact tractors brands.


A LANDLUGGER compact tractor backhoe attachment will save you time and save your back.


LANDLUGGER compact tractor backhoe attachments have an independent hydraulic oil tank; hydraulic remotes are not required for operation. It can be used with virtually any tractor that has a PTO.


Quality Tractor Backhoes Performs & Keeps Performing

A quality tractor backhoe is not a “cheap” implement and while there are some relatively cheap Asian tractor backhoes on the market, they are often fraught with issues such as poor geometry, inferior components, low build quality and poor bucket design. This can render the backhoe almost useless and ultimately, a waste of money.


Reasons to Choose LANDLUGGER Compact Tractor Backhoe Attachment

LANDLUGGER backhoes utilise high quality componentry and design, to produce a superior backhoe that does what it is intended to do; some backhoes simply don’t!




      • Adjustable Rear Hitch For Varied Applications
      • Best Suited Rotary Sync For Both Wet And Dry Land Application
      • Dry Type Air Cleaner For Improved Engine Performance
      • New Seat For Better Operator Comfort
    • ENGINE

      • Manufacturer: VST
      • Engine Model: K3C
      • Type: 3 Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Water Cooled, Indirect Injection, Naturally aspirated, Diesel Engine
      • Bore: 70mm (2.75in)
      • Stroke: 78mm (3.07in)
      • Displacement (Swept Volume): (54.9
      • Max. Torque: 5.2 Kg-m (1900 rpm)
      • Output/Rated: 18.5 hp / 2700 rpm (IS :10,000)
      • S.F.C.: 230 gm / hp-hr
      • Cooling System: Forced Circulation of coolant & Water
      • Dry Weight: 125 kgs

      • Fuel: High-Speed Diesel (H.S.D)
      • Fuel Tank Capacity: 18 litres
      • Air cleaner: Dry Type

      • Starting System: Starter Motor 12 Volts - 1.6KW
      • Lighting: 12 Volts, 35 Watts
      • Alternator: 12 Volts, 40 Amps
      • Glow Plug: 12 Volts Quick Heat Type

      • Transmission: Mechanical, combination of constant & Sliding Mesh Gear
      • Forward: 6 Speeds
      • Reverse: 2 Speeds
      • Travelling Speed: 1.18 Kmph (min.) / 17.46 kmph (max.)
      • Power Take Off (P.T.O): 1-3/8" - SAE Std Spline Shaft, 2 speeds 540 & 1000 RPM
      • Brake: Waterproof internal expanding shoe type brake with a parking brake
      • Hydraulic System: Auto Draft & Depth Control
      • Tyres: Front 5-12, Rear 8-18 Track Width 740 & 890
      • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 2700 x 1085 x 1230 mm
      • Wheel Base: 1435mm
      • Ground Clearance: 195mm
      • Turning Radius: W/Brake 2.1m
      • Hauling Capacity: 2 Wheel Trailer, 3 Tonnes (Gross Weight)
      • Rotary: Side Drive Type
      • Weight: 645kgs (W/o ballast wt)
    • SPEEDS


      SPEED (Kmph)



















    • Compact Tractor Attachments

      We stock a comprehensive selection of compact tractor attachments for sale to suit your requirements. Our range includes:

      Additionally, we stock many more tractor attachments. Please call us on 01673 828 965 to discuss your requirements.

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