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Stone Buriers

Stone Buriers for tractors

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A stone burier helps to mill the ground with its horizontal counter-rotating tines, while also trapping stones and debris through its vertical grading rods. 

In one pass, a compact tractor stone burier can leave a fine and level cultivated surface ready for seeding or turfing. 

Making stone buriers for agricultural purposes and fieldwork an essential part of the day job. 

To see some of the best stone buriers on the market and for further information on the most suitable one for your requirements, speak to the team at Beckside Machinery today. 

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Features of a small tractor stone burier 

A stone burier does what it says on the tin.  

It digs and buries stones.  Leaving a level and cultivated surface in its wake.  A surface area that is free from debris and stones, making it perfect for seeding and laying turf. 

Digging depths can be adjusted on stone burier attachments to suit your requirements.  These depths can range from between 2 to 12 cm.


You also have a choice of rear rollers with this piece of equipment.  Choices such as: 

A mesh roller – ideally suited to dry conditions. 

A cage roller – best suited to wet conditions. 

Ultimately, stone buriers for compact tractors are an ideal tool if you’re working on the ground that has a lot of small pieces of debris and stones, and they ideally need to be buried underneath the soil (such can be the case with gardens on newly built properties). 

Think of stone buriers as specialist soil preparation equipment and tools.  Helping to transform, renovate, and invigorate overgrown fields, stony, or clay-like soil, creating a quality area ready for anything. 

Agricultural stone buriers 

Some stone buriers can help to tackle all types of soil, achieving a quality outcome in just one pass. 

With larger machines using a reverse tillage operation, so all stones, old turf, and debris, etc., can be separated and thrown to the bottom of the soil profile. 

Screens are also located at the rear of the machine, which slowly and evenly releases the renovated material, so you have nothing but fine quality soil at the top of your seedbed. 

Most mini tractor stone buriers come with a levelling bar to help create even and level mounts across large areas of land and fields. 

Stone buriers are also designed to minimise damage to soil structure as well as prevent compaction problems occurring. 

Heavier stones and other large pieces of debris are placed under the lighter tilled soil, which lies perfectly on top.  With the roller section then used to level the tilled soil, leaving an area that is 100% ready for the next stage. 

Stone Buriers for sale with Beckside Machinery is designed to last.  With heavy-duty construction, reliability, and a high level of maintenance all coming as standard. 

For an efficient and cost-effective solution, call the team at Beckside Machinery now on 01673 828 965

Benefits of using a stone burier 

Simplistic in their nature and design, the benefits of using a stone burier is that it allows you to: 

  • Bury unwanted stones and debris 

  • Prep your seedbed accordingly 

  • Achieve a high-quality finish. 

The features of a stone burier include: 

  • A robust and heavy-duty gearbox 

  • A smooth operation 

  • A quality finishes every time. 

  • Enhanced safety due to the shear bolt PTO.

Types of compact tractor stone buriers 

Compact tractor stone burier – The Farm Master 1250mm is the perfect stone burier attachment for green areas, rotavating and tilling paddocks or pastures.  Featuring a tilling depth of 12cm, this heavy-duty piece of equipment can help remove huge stones and debris with ease. Placing them under the finer tilled soil levelled on the surface. 

This stone burier attachment effortlessly prepares even the worst grounds, making them ready for turfing or seeding in just one single pass.


Attached to the 3 point linkage on mini tractors, these stone buriers offer a durable and robust solution. 

Farm Master HSB – 125 – an ideal compact tractor stone burier for sale if you’re in the market for a solution to your smallholding or paddock area.  This is a high-quality piece of equipment that helps to develop the ground you require for sowing or planting. No longer do you need to collect the stones before prepping the land, saving you a considerable amount of time and energy! 

With an adjustable working depth, the Farm Master HSB 125 helps to protect the ground, can be manoeuvred through narrow gates and across tiny paths and walkways, as well as be used in tunnels and even greenhouses! 

Stone buriers for tractors 

Stone burier attachments offer users considerable time and energy savings. 

They can complete the work they are set effectively and efficiently, which ultimately is a win, win for you. 

With features such as different rollers, height adjustments, width adjustments, and more, you can achieve the perfect surface area in no time. 

These pieces of equipment, as well as being durable, are also low maintenance.  They have been designed and constructed to primarily deal with heavy-duty stones and debris coming into their systems. 

What’s more, they can be used for a variety of different jobs and tasks, such as: 

  • Agriculture 

  • Vegetable gardening 

  • Fruit-growing 

  • Seeding/maintaining seedbeds 

  • Horticulture 

  • Landscape gardening 

  • And so much more. 

To find out more about how a stone burier could make your life easier, speak to the professional team at Beckside Machinery today. 

On hand to answer your questions, queries, and provide you with the best solution to meet your requirements, call us on 01673 828 965, we’d be happy to help! 

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