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Tractor grass toppers 

Grass Toppers for Compact Tractors 

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At Beckside Machinery, we're pleased to offer an extensive range of field toppers and tractor grass toppers for sale. 

Available in a variety of cutting widths and suitable for various pastures and specifications.  We also have a range of high-quality pasture toppers for sale as well as those suitable for small tractors. 

Contact a member of our team to find out more. 

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Reasons to opt for a grass topper over a flail mower

Toppers are ideal for taking the tops off overgrown areas and pastures, allowing for much easier maintenance and an even cut. 

They also help when brambles etc. begin edging onto your fields, removing them as well as stopping them in their tracks where required. 

So, if your paddocks are full of thorns, weeds, brush, and more, then a topper can help tick all the boxes you need for the perfect maintenance! 

With the ability to cut close to the ground (providing there are no stones), grass toppers can offer the perfect solution to various situations. 

Types of grass toppers 

Fleming topper

Inline and semi-offset grass toppers to be precise!  This particular Fleming topper is exceptionally robust in its design features, making it the ideal solution to support you across a range of environments such as parklands, sports fields, equestrian areas, and agricultural land.  

This sturdy grass topper leaves an even finish even across the roughest of pastures. 

It is also the perfect solution for small compact tractors or low horsepower tractors.  Helping to rejuvenate growth, helping to carry out regular maintenance, and it’s important to mention that the Fleming topper is a low maintenance machine with low costs associated with spares and parts. 

Side-mounted grass toppers (Major topper) 

Side-mounted grass toppers offer a three-point linkage, which is fully offset as a pasture topper making it available in a variety of different cutting lengths.  This particular type of topper for sale includes integrated hydraulic breakaway features that help to protect the tractor from impact damage. 

Centre mounted topper 

These tractor grass toppers are entirely gear-driven machines that include both high-speed rotors and twin cut swinging blades.  This type of topper is renowned for being heavy-duty, and as such, they include a shock bolt PTO as standard to help with power transfer.  These types of grass toppers are also preferred due to their low maintenance levels! 

Trailed grass topper 

Again, a fully offset, gear-driven machine that can be folded hydraulically into a transport position. 

The rotors of these toppers are designed to sync with each other and provide a 3-inch overlap on cutting.  As the blades rotate in opposite directions, the grass is not only cut, it is evenly spread behind the machine, and as it is fully offset, there is no requirement for trampling of the pasture before cutting. 

Eagle wing grass topper 

This, we have to say, is the perfect choice for grassland in airports and military bases, racecourses, stud farms, etc.  Ultimately, any area looking for pasture improvements. This style of the topper is practical, simple, robust, and flexible. 

With three rotors and three blades per rotor, you will find that grass is cut and dispersed evenly behind. 

These toppers are even suitable for heavy as well as light scrub. 

Single spindle pasture toppers 

This type of grass topper is suitable for smaller agricultural areas, playing fields, leisure areas, parks, golf courses, and more! 

Benefits of grass toppers 

  • Improves grazing on paddocks 

  • Can help speed up regrowth time 

  • Helps to maintain stemmy tufts of grass 

  • Can increase your clover content 

  • It can reduce the build-up of weeds and thistles. 

For a grass topper, you can trust, call Beckside Machinery today. 

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Grass toppers for small tractors 

Hauled behind compact tractors and even in some cases suitable ATV models, grass toppers help to tackle those areas of overgrown grass, weed, and scrub areas.  With a range of toppers available, you can adjust the height of the cut accordingly. 

Taking the top off long grass, small saplings, and scrub, toppers do what they say in their name. 

They help to keep pastures as a much more manageable length, as well as help to keep brambles at bay and to stop more woody plants in their tracks. 

Once pastures have been topped, it is much easier to remove grass from your field as toppers and Fleming toppers in particular leave grass cuttings in long rows, making it a lot easier to rake up! 

What’s more, these mowers are much easier to maintain than flail mowers and are more cost-effectively priced. 

For us, grass toppers offer outstanding performance, ease of operation, and cost-effective maintenance. 

The hard part is choosing the right and best one for you. 

Let Beckside Machinery help. 

Our professional, experienced, and hands-on team are on hand to answer your queries, as well as help, provide you with the right and the best solutions. 

All of the toppers for sale with Beckside incorporate high strength pressings, impressive drivelines, and quality blade systems. 

Trust us.  At Beckside Machinery, we offer nothing but robust, durable, compact tractor toppers. 

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Toppers for Sale 

For agricultural and livestock work, the quality of the pasture is vital.


Which makes choosing the right grass topper essential. 

Essential because your pastures and grass need to thrive, as well as produce the maximum amount of plant matter in order to feed herds properly. 

To stop pastures from going to seed, it is necessary to achieve and maintain a maximum level of growth. 

If this level is missed and pastures do go to seed, unfortunately, edible leaves and shoots do not occur, resulting in reduced growth and uneven grazing. 

However, this problem can be rectified. 

With just one pass from a grass topper, your grass, and pasture can be revived—stimulating growth and providing a much better grazing area for your livestock. 

Toppers, in this sense, can also be used for weeding control.  They can help prevent the spread of weeds, which can be extremely helpful in farming environments, especially where chemical use isn’t possible and is unwelcome (such as in the case on organic farms). 

If you’re looking for grass toppers for sale it may be worth considering: 

  • Major equipment toppers 

  • Multi-cut 

  • Fleming top 

  • Fleming FM230 

  • Fleming FM180 

  • Triblade 

  • Teagle topper 

  • McConnel topper 

  • Wessex 

Some of these makes, and of course, the various models associated with each, are also suitable and sold as tractor toppers for sale. 

Contact the team at Beckside Machinery to find out more. 

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