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In order to create an appealing, manicured look for large lawns, golf courses, sports fields, and a variety of grasses, finish mowers are necessary. Considering you are using a compact tractor and want to have a lawn fit for a mansion, then the tool you will need is a PTO finish mower.

Finish mowers for compact tractors, also referred to as grooming mowers or finishing mowers, have the capability of handling much more work than regular push or riding mowers. These are types of rotary mowers that use multiple spindles to provide a fine, even cut, while still employing a rotary action. Rotary mowers of this type are perfect for quick and accurate trimming.


Even though they do the same job, different finishing mowers have their own unique features, such as cutting height, that set them apart. These are the questions you need to answer before you choose your model:
What is the maximum load your tractor can pull? Do you know what the horsepower rating of your PTO is on your tractor? In the next step, check the specs of each finish-mower model to find the appropriate tractor PTO shaft horsepower for each model. A typical tractor for sale will come with a mid-PTO option that will allow you to run a mid-mount mower deck, while a compact tractor with between 15 and 20 horsepower can handle finishing mowers up to 72 inches wide. Finish mowers can be height adjustable and you can reach a maximum height of about 90 inches with 35 PTO horsepower. The rear hydraulics on larger, multi-wing mowers will typically be required for the tractor to pull them and are usually not a standard feature unless you get close to the 50 horsepower mark.

In fact, a pull-behind finish mower for tractor is a very heavy-duty appliance that is designed to cut the grass quickly and efficiently behind any tractor. There are several sizes of finish mowers that attach to any tractor with a standard 3-point hitch that matches the category of the grooming mower. The grooming mower, because of its three-point hitch must be equipped with a Category 2 hitch. If the grooming mower doesn't come with a Category 2 hitch, you won't be able to attach it to one of your compacts.

Do you need to cover a certain amount of ground? The cutting decks of a typical finishing mower range from 48 inches to 99 inches in size, and commercial machines are available up to 20 feet wide. If you're planning to cover a large area, you may want to choose the biggest deck your tractor can pull in order to cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.
What would you like the clippings to be distributed? Depending on the type of finish mower you are using, you can choose either side discharge or rear discharge, depending on which mower is suitable for your needs. With the rear discharge function, grass clippings are evenly distributed throughout the grassy area. In the case of side discharge, the clippings are moved to the side of the mower and are left in a semi-arranged manner. Recently, rear discharge has become more popular due to the uniformly distributed clippings when compared to front discharge. In the vineyards and orchards, this works particularly well. Luckily, the clippings do not end up being thrown against expensive grape vines or fruit trees.

With rubber treads, they are able to provide a steady, even cut without gouging the turf. With proper maintenance and upkeep, quality finishing mowers will last for many years with little or no maintenance needed. FarmMaster is one such quality finish mower manufacturer. Their machines have a good build quality, and they have a selection of mowers at various working widths. Their mowers are built to a high standard.

If you have rougher ground and scrub, you might want to consider a flail mower. Or perhaps you need a topper mower. Regardless of the compact tractor attachments for sale that you're interested in, Beckside Machinery has a suitable option for you. For more information, please contact us on 01673 828 965.

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