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TYM Tractors UK

Since 2016, TYM has held 30% of Branson tractor shares. By purchasing the remaining 70% of the shares last year, TYM now owns the entire Branson Tractor and Diesel Engine facility in South Korea. As a result, the TYM group now has a global high-quality tractor and engine company with a capacity of 50,000 tractors per year. This enables it to compete with the biggest manufacturing and distributing companies for tractors for sale.

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TYM has decided to merge the two brands under the TYM brand name from January 2023 onwards. All future tractors will be badged and sold as TYM tractors with the Branson name being phased out of the tractors.

Branson red will continue to be the colour of the tractors.


Implications for the UK market

Our tractor line-up will remain the same as you've come to know over the years. In addition to the original Branson models, some original TYM models might be added in the near future. We have not yet decided on the UK model line-up and associated pricing, but it will be announced along with a pricelist in December for an official launch at LAMMA 2023 in January.


What does it mean?

The biggest change is the name change from January 2023 to TYM Tractors. To help with this transition, there will be further communications about a package of updated branding and marketing materials. TYM decals will be applied to any tractors in dealer stock as of January 2023 so that they can be rebranded as part of the upgraded look of TYM.

Aside from that, we will continue to enjoy the same red tractors at very competitive prices and build on our progress together in the UK.



  • In January 2023, Branson Tractors will be rebranded as TYM

  • Branson Tractors UK will change its name to TYM Tractors UK and become the UK's largest tractor manufacturer Importer of TYM. Apart from that, we continue as usual.

  • For the remainder of 2023, we will advertise "TYM and Branson" at shows.

  • A slogan of "together as one" for a smooth transition

  • There will be a very similar line-up of tractors, as well as some of the following:

  • Complementing the range with other TYM models

  • The tractors will remain Branson red

  • For 2023 and beyond, we will have the most competitive line-up of tractors on the market

  • To further enhance product support, TYM is establishing a German parts distribution center.


Beckside Machinery, official Branson and TYM Tractors UK dealer. We ae also the UK's number one Kioti Tractor retailer.

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