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Venom Log Splitters by Rock Machinery are robust and powerful hydraulic log splitters. If you are looking for a premium wood splitter then check out the Venom range...


If you’ve given any length of time chopping wood, you know that it can be quite physically commanding. Employing an axe or maul is laborious and takes a price on your back, knees, arms and hands. Although the project can be enjoyable and good activity at first, it swiftly gets old. Lifting, splitting and stacking wood demands a long time when you have to do all step by hand. Hardwoods can be challenging to break and will take more extra work than one stroke to do the job. Freshly cut wood has more moisture bound in the wood, and that makes it even more arduous to split. Thankfully, there is a solution that significantly diminishes these physical demands: finding a decent Log Splitter for sale.

What is a Hydraulic Log Splitter?

A Hydraulic Log Splitter is an excellent alternative to manually chopping wood and can save you time and strength, and can also be much safer for people of all ages. We won’t get too deep into the mathematics behind how hydraulic log splitters function, but let’s do a quick basic run-through to understand better how they work so you can better pick one for your needs. Hydraulics, in general, give a mechanical advantage through applying force over a large area and then assigning that pressure to an area of a smaller space. The pressure created by an engine applies pressure to a larger fluid-filled tube and transfers it to a smaller container or piston, which then allows the chopper to focus a considerable amount of force (think anywhere between 4-30 tons) into the splitting wedge.

Choosing a Log Splitter

Log splitters arrive in all shapes, sizes, power, and can be gas-powered or electronic. So to pick the right one for you, it depends on what you will be using your wood splitter for the most. To decide what size and how powerful your rig should be, it mostly depends on what type of wood you will be cutting and in how much wood you will be splitting. Then you can pick the best log cutter for your needs.

Electric Log Splitters
The first question to ask yourself when is whether you prefer a gas-powered or electric model. Electric log splitters are appealing for many folks since they are often smaller and cheaper. However, they do have some drawbacks. They won’t be able to produce as much force as gas-powered models, so are ideally suited for smaller, dryer logs. If you are going to be using the machine mostly for firewood, then you’re probably okay to go with an electric log splitter. However, keep in mind since it is powered by electricity, you will need to be within reach of a power outlet which reduces the versatility of it, so you won’t be able to take it up into the bush without using a generator (eliminating the benefit of being electric in the first place). Due to the absence of any fumes being produced, they are also more comfortable to work around for long periods, and more environmentally friendly.


Gas-Powered Log Splitters

Gas-powered wood splitters, on the other hand, can typically produce much higher force than their electric counterparts, usually around 20-tons and greater. They don’t often make lower-force models; simply because at that range, there’s no point wasting gas when you can use cheaper electricity to produce an equal force.

If you are going to be using your rig for large pieces and  81dxxyg7dl-_sl1500_freshly cut wood, which is saturated with moisture and sap, you will likely want a more powerful gas model to tackle these jobs. An electric splitter just won’t cut it (pun intended) and you may find yourself having to finish those logs manually. As a result of the increased power, gas-powered models will be bigger and heavier, reducing their portability slightly. However, they include a built-in tow hitch connection to tow behind a vehicle. Because you don’t need any electrical input, these machines are ideal for those who will be doing the majority of their work up in the bush. You will, however, need to pick up gas and monitor the oil level to maintain the machine.


How Much Force (Tons) Do You Need?

Once you’ve decided between an electric or gas hydraulic log splitter model, you still need to determine how powerful of a wood splitter you will need. If you are using it mostly for firewood from smaller trees, then you likely only need something that produces under 10 tons of force. Most wood will have had some time to dry, which reduces the amount of moisture that has built up in the plant tissues. This results in a piece of wood that is more easily split. If you are cutting drier wood, typically fitting logs with dimensions of equal to or less 18-20 inches long and 12 inches diameter, check out a splitter that produces around 4-8 tons of force.

If you are going to be working with larger, freshly cut wood that is larger than 20 inches long and 12 inches in diameter, then you will likely want to look at a more robust model. Freshly cut wood will be much tougher to split due to the higher moisture level. If you are working with knotty wood or notoriously hard-to-split wood like elm, then you will need the extra power of a 20+ ton splitter. Any model that produces more significant than 20 tons should be enough to handle most sized logs, up to 24-26 inches long and more than 16-18 inches in diameter.

What is the best hydraulic log splitter range?


12 Ton VENOM Compact Hydraulic Log Splitter

The Venom 12-ton hydraulic log splitter is little splitter with a big bite in the venom range.

It's perfect for domestic and light commercial users wanting a portable value for money log splitter. This compact unit can attach on a small trailer or into a van for transportation from site to site, and features a pull-along handle for ease moving around the site.

The 2019 new 6.5hp briggs and stratton vanguard engine comes with briggs’ three year warranty.

Like its bigger brothers the 12ton has a simple two handled ram operation which conforms fully with E.U Health and safety regulations and features an auto return ram system that allows the ram to be stopped anywhere on the cycle to decrease splitting time.


22Ton Venom Hydraulic Log Splitter With Table

The New design has arrived!


After many discussions with both customers and specialists, we all agree that the venom 22ton is one of the best log splitters in the business and the only thing that would improve it would be the addition of a table and fold down log supports. So that's what we have done!

This is the Rock  22ton Venom Hydraulic Log splitter! The Venom 22ton is highly respected and comes recommended by professionals and domestic users alike (please see customer reviews) This device has a 10 second cycle time and can be used horizontally for splitting regular diameter logs and vertically for larger tree rounds that physically cannot be lifted to the horizontal splitting height. Powered by the new 2019 6.5 hp briggs and Stratton vanguard engine with the new Cyclonic Air Cleaner and travel guard and this great engine comes with briggs’ 3 year warranty.

Fitted with a 50mm ball hitch and diamond indespension units so that its fully towable on UK roads up to a maximum speed of 45mph.

The simple two-handled ram operation, which conforms fully with E.U Health and safety regulations, features an auto return ram system that allows the ram to return automatically or be stopped anywhere on the cycle to decrease splitting time.

To put it simply you will not find a stronger, better made, more reliable machine for this price anywhere in Europe. The care, time, thought and effort put into this machine is what makes us so confident about its abilities and why we are proud to show it off!

14ton Venom Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Log Splitter. We have taken the power, reliability and quality of the Venom range and made a compact tractor mounted venom log splitter. The 14ton compact tractor mounted is a compact upright splitter with a cat 1 3 point linkage and easy hitch mount which connects to your tractor in a matter of seconds.

12 Ton V-Series Log Splitter

After the huge success of our 22ton V-Series we have chosen to add a 12ton to the V-Series range.

So we have taken the same strong compact design and made a V – Series 12ton  ( V stands for value). This model doesn’t have all the characteristics the venom 12ton has but works the same way and is our new entry-level 12ton log splitter.

It's Ideal for residential and light commercial users looking for a portable value for money hydraulic log splitter. This compact unit can fit on a small trailer or into a van for transportation from site to site, and features a pull along handle for ease moving around the site. The efficient 6.5hp “JD”  engine provides more then enough power for the dual stage pump. Like its bigger brothers the 12ton has a simple two handled ram operation which conforms fully with E.U Health and safety regulations and features an auto return ram system that allows the ram to be stopped anywhere on the cycle to decrease splitting time.

Venom 25ton Heavy Duty Compact Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Log Splitter

The Venom 25ton compact tractor mounted log splitter is a heavy-duty hydraulic log splitter with a cat 1 three-point linkage with easy hitch mount to attach to your compact tractor in a matter of seconds. The splitter can work in either vertical or horizontal positions and is operated by a simple two-handled valve which complies with all E.U health and safety regulations to ensure operator safety.

20ton Dual-Action Log Splitter. Have you ever wondered aloud, “I wish i could double the number of logs i can split in a single cycle” ? Well, now you can ! At Rock Machinery they are always evolving machines trying to make splitting easier and simple and the dual-action is the latest venom log splitter to change the way you split. The venom dual action log splitter with its powerful and compact design allows the dual ram situated within the main beam to move in both directions (forward and return) to double the splitting potential per cycle.  Equipped with a powerful 6.5 hp Briggs and Stratton vanguard engine one of the best small engines in the world with Briggs stand out 3-year warranty and dual stage pump this splitter will develop 20ton to conquer any log. The dual action splitter is easy to use simply load a log and engage using the two handled operation (two handled as per the safety requirements for the UK) once the first log has been split just load the second log on the reverse side and the 7.5″ hardened steel wedge will do the rest. As well as the single head we offer a FREE four way head thats brilliant for smaller logs.

This fantastic splitter also comes with 50mm ball hitch for easy towing around the yard or site but this splitter is not for road use.

If you are interested in a Venom Log Splitter for sale please view our range and call us on 01673 828 965 if you want some help.

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