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about tractor mounted log splitters

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A hydraulic log splitter is a tractor implement used for chopping firewood. A tractor mounted log splitter comprises a rod and piston assembly, and these are rated by how many tons of splitting force they can produce—the greater the power, the increased length or thickness of the rounds that can be chopped.
A tractor log splitter for sale can be purchased in one of two variants, either those powered by the tractor power take-off (PTO) shaft or those powered by the tractor hydraulics. However, there are some differences between variants.

3-point log splitters

These types of tractor attachments derive power from the tractor's 3 point linkage system. The linkage cat is 1, 2 or 3, depending upon the model. The significant advantage of this sort of log splitter is that it uses energy from the compact tractor hydraulic system for its operation. Since this method utilises one of the tractors auxiliaries, small tractors may not have sufficient flow to take full advantage of a 3-point splitter. Because the tractor's hydraulic system will provide the power to drive the wood splitter ram, it's essential to know that your tractor is compatible with the log splitter for sale.

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Another important factor to pay attention to when looking for a 3-point hitch wood splitter is cycle time. As a general rule of thumb, shorter cycle times are superior as this means that a higher volume of firewood will be produced per unit of time. In other words, you are able to cut more wood in less time.
In addition, fluid pressure is another factor to take into consideration when the tractor is in use. Fluid pressure is calculated in pounds per square inch or PSI for short. This affects two important aspects of the log splitter:
·      The quantity of force applied when splitting, or tonnage
·      The quantity of time necessary for the ram to extend and then return to the starting point, known as cycle time (which is also influenced by flow rate).

When browsing various tractor log splitters, you should see a recommended PSI value listed, including an upper limit; the recommended PSI value that the compact tractor shouldn't exceed while running the wood splitter. Make sure that you buy the correct specification of log for your tractor.


PTO log splitters.

The decisive measurement that you need to know about is the hydraulic flow rate of the tractor. This is also called total flow, and it's measured in gallons per minute or GPM for short. Details of each tractor GPM will be available in the tractor manual or can often be obtained in an online search for the specific tractor model. Before buying a log splitter, ensure that your tractor can produce the flow rate at least as high as the minimum listed flow rate.

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Another type of tractor log splitter draws power from the tractor PTO shaft, either instead of or in addition to drawing power from the tractor hydraulics. The PTO shaft is a highly efficient means of powering compact tractor attachments. Most commonly, it is a splinted drive shaft at the back rear of a tractor.

Horizontal vs Vertical Log Splitters

Another factor to consider is whether to purchase a horizontal or vertical log splitter.

Horizontal Log Splitter

For domestic use, a horizontal log splitter is probably the best option, as it's ideal for chopping wood for a fire or log burner.
With these, you lay the wood horizontally. A hydraulic ran presses logs against a stationary wedge in order to split the wood into pieces, thus making it far more manageable to be burnt in either a log butter or fire.

Vertical Log Splitter

Vertical log splitters are ideal for when you have a lot of grounds maintenance to do, as you don't have to lift logs up onto the splitter; you roll them into position. In this instance, the splitting wedge is located at the end of the hydraulic ram, and it presses down onto and then through the log in order to split the log.
They come with an adjustable bottom plate so that if you have smaller pieces of wood to split, the height of the base can be adjusted accordingly.
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