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Compact Tractor Attachments: Woodland

Woodland Maintenance Plan

Whatever task you must undertake to your woodland you need to make careful planning beforehand to avoid excessive maintenance and replanting down the road.

In your woodland you need walkways or make way for your RTV to pass through, so harvesting and thinning need to be developed.

• You need to plan at least 1 to 2 years in advance, to manage woodland density, wood quality and reforestation for seedlings to be grown. If you are looking to create a nature reserve or create a wildlife haven you will need to consider coarse wooden debris and cavity nesting trees. Whereas for a forest amenity or a stroll through a woodland enclave requires mixing of species, landscape views, big trees, and medium sized trees.

• Even timber harvesting involves many steps—equipment must be scheduled, contracts arranged, and products delivered.

The basic steps involved consist of:

1; What are the objectives of your woodland plan. Is it to create a nest egg for your retirement, to create a natural reserve, provide timber or increase the wildlife diversity?

2; You will need to know your woodland in its current condition, so make an inventory and consider volume, growth value, ecosystem and infrastructure for the wildlife.

3; It can be a huge task, which needs to be envisioned for the future, so divide the woodland into manageable areas.

4; After you have decided on the divisions, specify short-term objectives and schedule the activities: What to do, where to do it, when to do it, how to achieve it and who will do it.


 PTO Driven Log Saw WSP 240

If you have some woodland clearing and felling to do, then along with your chainsaw for felling the log saw/ bench will take the backache and strain from log cutting. The WSP 240 has safety guards and log bench to feed the tree into the log saw. It makes short work of small trunks up to 10” diameter. The PTO log saw or saw bench is capable of sawing up to 10” capacity. It is 3-point linkage mounted saw, so it can be attached directly to the back of your tractor. The over run PTO shaft is supplied. It is light weight to pick up or it can be moved around because of the wheel function. It has a full 12 months warranty and can be delivered anywhere in the country.


 Wood Chipper WCP 100

In addition to the wood saw is the WCP 100 woodchipper.  The perfect accompanying piece of machinery for tree removal due to windfall, rot, or landscaping. With the PTO 4” wood chipper, it can handle this in the process with ease. Like the log saw it has the 3-point hitch system and PTO on your tractor operation. Furthermore, it a has a chute which can be positioned in any direction to remove the chippings. Additionally, this chipper has a hinged feed chute that can be removed to make it more compact when not in use and alleviate the hassle of cleaning up.

You’ll find yourself with less of a mess at the clean-up stage. With its oversized rotor, reversible blades, and integrated air vents, this chipper provides efficient wood processing. The rotor itself has a diameter of 25”, is ½” thick, and weighs 75 lbs with an operational RPM rate of 540–1000. It is recommended for tractors of more than 22 Hp.

PTO Driven Wood Splitter & Electric Wood Splitter

The 10-ton Log splitter is the perfect piece of woodland machinery once you have felled the tree with your chainsaw, sawn it into manageable log sizes and chipped all the waste into a convenient pile either to start the log fire or garden chippings. The final stage is splitting the logs into manageable sizes. Either do it the old-fashioned way or save the back-breaking work to the log splitter. It exerts up to 10 tons of pressure, which will easily cut through all hardwoods and notches like a hot knife through butter. It attaches to the 3-point linkage system, comes with two hand safety system, two CAT 1 lower link pins and CAT 1 top link pin and can cut up to logs 450mm long and diameter of 10”.



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