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With power steering, deluxe seat, a high-capacity hydraulic pump, rear PTO and Diesel engine with Daedong ECO technology, check out our Kioti tractor range...




Tractors for sale UK

New Kioti Compact Tractors for Sale

kioti compact tractors 

trctors FOR SALE

Brand new Branson Compact Tractor for Sale in the UK




Beckside Machinery specialise in tractors for sale, UK stock. In recent years, we have officially become the UK’s number one retailer of the excellent Kioti tractor, and Branson Tractors. We chose to retail these brands of compact tractors because, in short, they are premier, durable, reliable, and cost effective. Let’s take a look at what each brand has to offer…

Kioti Tractors All Line-up Catalog_Page_
Kioti Tractors All Line-up Catalog_Page_

Kioti Tractors For Sale

We offer three different series of Kioti tractor for sale:

  • CS series: 22-25 horse power

  • CK series: 25-40 horse power

  • DK series: 45-60 horse power


CS series

We sell two models of the CS series, depending upon your needs. These Kioti tractors sport a premium diesel engine, four-wheel drive, and a stylish hood design, which really makes them stand out. They include both a rear and mid PTO, and are a pleasure to drive, due to excellent power steering and comfortable driver station.


CK series

These Kioti tractors offer excellent levels of reliability and performance for people involved in the smaller farming business. The new CK series includes better engine responsiveness and they are fuel efficient. Extra power, necessary for more demanding jobs, is achieved automatically due to a specialist engine power management feature; which boosts power output to the PTO, and trave speed. These compact tractors come with a new streamlined hood design, which improves visibility, and looks the business!


DK series

With the new DK series you get luxury from the outset. From the deluxe suspension seat, designed for maximim driver comfort, no matter what task is being performed, and improved performance; with a high work capacity, large hydraulic pump capacity and enhanced hydraulic flow, these tractors are a pleasure to use.

branson tractor group 1.JPG

Branson tractors for sale

We have five different types of Branson Tractors on offer:

  • 05: 19-25 horse power

  • 00: 21-30 horse power

  • F: 35-45 horse power

  • 25: 47-60 horse power

  • K: 74 horse power


05 series

The 05 series is eco-friendly and is certainly built to last. With sturdy Yanmah tier 4 diesel engines, these tractors for sale are perfect for any job. They include a comfortable wide driver’s seat, easy to access controls, built in toolbox, and solid 4-wheel drive engagement.


00 series

These Branson Tractors sport a 60” wheelbase and ground clearance of 13”. They have a one piece metal hood, which is raise by dual gas struts, and a power coat finish to the paintwork to prevent potential damage by UV light. We are reminded that steel, in contrast to plastic or fibreglass, will not crack in cold conditions. With a cast iron rear housing, the 00 series are heavy metal, heavy duty, and definitely built to last.


F series

These F series tractors for sale offer a really useful level of power. They are very intuitive and particularly user friendly, with their superb all-wheel-drive. Plus, they have an incomparable 1,500 kg rear hitch lift capacity, which will give you all the lifting power you require. The F36R is a powerful 35 horse power Branson Tractor, with 4 wheel drive and dual power direction hydrostatic steering. Therefore driving the tractor is both smooth and easy. It also has an eco friendly tractor engine that is rated at 2,600 revolutions per minute. 


25 series

These tractors for sale incorporate industrial A-series diesel engines which includes a premium Garret turbocharger. They have a quality suspension seat, which offers superior comfort for the driver, and feature well positioned mud protectors. 25 series Branson tractors have a very robust 4WD front axis, which makes front loader and steep terrain work easy. These tractors also have an industry-leading turning circle, which is perfect for working in confined areas and handling any task with ease. The 6225 CH series has synchronised transmission to help the driver to quickly change speeds without having to bring the tractor to a standstill. The 6225 C series have an built in cab that includes climate control, including air conditioning and heating, and an FM/AM radio, making your day to day tasks in the tractor pleasant in all weather conditions. 


K series

These powerful tractors for sale have a 3.4 litre 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine. Options include a climate controlled air conditioned cabin, with 360 degree visibility. They have a large fuel tank with an easy fill point, sport a new bonnet design for better heat dissipation, and have a 3-speed rear PTO to power tractor attachments. The K78b Branson tractors are equipped with synchroshuttle transmission, which offers better fuel efficiency and enhanced performance. They have an impressive lift capacity, which means that you can work heavy tractor implements.


Used tractors for sale

In addition to our comprehensive range of new tractors for sale, we also stock a massive selection of used tractors for sale. As eastblsihed tractor dealers UK, we stock a large selection of used compact tractors, including brands such as John Deere compact tractors, Massey Feguson, Kubota tractors, Iseki Tractor, Yanmar tractors, and more. Additionally, we off bespoke compact tractor package deals, so if you are after a front loader tractor or a backhoe tractor, we can sort out the best tractor and deal that's best suited to your requiremeners.  

Compact Tractor Attachments for sale

To complement our tractors for sale, we have possibly the UK’s largest selection of compact tractor attachments, so, if you want to add a flail mower, a compact tractor hedge trimmer, backhoe loader, or anything else that you might need, we can usually offer a significant discount when they are purchased as part of a bespoke tractor deal.

We stock perhaps the UK's most comprehensive array of tractor implements, including items such as stone buriers, tractor post hole borers, compact tractor wood chippers, compact tractor power sweepers, ect. Please see our compact tractor attachments section to take a look at our full catalogue. 

Offset flail mower for sale 7.jpg

Tractor for sale UK

All of our tractors for sale are UK stock. We pride ourselves on a rapid and professional service, and the tractor, along with any tractor attachments, can be delivered right to your door. Please call us on 01673 828 965 if you want to talk through what you are interested in, what you will be using the tractor for, etc. We will endeavour to give you the best advice, and help you with selecting the right product for your requirement and budget.

As tractor traders, we welcome part exchange. You can browse through our galleries of both new and used tractors for sale and contact us with the specifications of your old tractor if you want to do a part exchange deal. 

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