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All prices are Ex. VAT. Whether you are after a flail mower for quad bike or an ATV tow behind flail mower, then our FarmMaster ATV flail mower range offers excellent quality without compromise.

Additionally, we have in stock a superb ATV tipping trailer, ATV much spreader and ATV sand spreader for sale.

Polaris NEWS

Polaris unveils all-new Polaris RANGER XP 1000 EPS with ABS for 2019

The most elegant utility side-by-side ever built, the Polaris RANGER XP 1000 EPS, excels once again with the inclusion of an ABS version. Making its appearance in dealerships in early 2019, the intro of the RANGER ABS UTV for sale will see the latest utility workhorse become even more reliable.

In 2018, Polaris ATV Industries honoured both the 20th anniversary of the RANGER and the initiation of the GENERAL 1000 EPS Deluxe with ABS. For 2019, Polaris includes the new RANGER with ABS, purposely designed for the European market.

Rodrigo Lourenco, Vice President and General Manager of Polaris Off-Road Vehicles EMEA, said: “We’re extremely proud of yet another addition to the Ranger family. The Polaris RANGER XP 1000 EPS is our most versatile product on the market and has proven to be a huge success across the globe – we want to continue that momentum into 2019 with the new ABS model. Adding ABS not only results in uncompromised braking performance, but also builds upon the diverse applications of the RANGER, so our customers can achieve even more.” 

Developed at the Polaris Opole facility in Poland, it delivers the unlimited versatility of the RANGER UTV for sale along with all the benefits of having ABS, including the ability to steer while braking while minimising the risk of skidding, as well as controlled braking on various surfaces and advanced stopping distances on surfaces like ice.

“To stay at the forefront of innovation, our engineers are constantly looking for ways to enhance the capabilities of our off-road vehicles and to incorporate customer feedback into every development opportunity. The addition of ABS to our RANGER line-up is another step forward for our utility product range.”

Redefining the standards for a utility side-by-side, the Polaris ATV RANGER XP 1000 produces class-leading power (82hp) thanks to the ProStar 1000 Twin Cylinder engine, as well a 61lb-ft of torque and boasts impressive towing capabilities of over 1100kg. Offering 13 inches of ground clearance, more precise steering with a tighter turning radius, and massive front bumper and full body skid plate that provides 45% more protection.

The Polaris ATV RANGER XP 1000 EPS ABS also features all the style refinements found on other RANGER full-size models. The exterior is bold and aggressive, while the interior includes a 4” LCD Rider Information Centre and thicker seats for a comfortable ride, plus several storage solutions for ultimate practicality.

With over 200 Polaris Engineered accessories available for the RANGER XP 1000 EPS ABS, owners have a wide variety of parts and accessories to suit any task.

Polaris ATV Launches New Polaris RZR Sale Upgrades for 2019 Line-Up

Polaris, the class leader in off-road creativity, have launched their new 2019 design year vehicles with a exciting fashion upgrade to the Polaris RZR® XP 1000, the new RZR® S model, and a variety of new colour choices over its RZR®, RANGER®, GENERAL® and Sportsman® lists.


Vice President and General Manager of Polaris Off-Road Vehicles EMEA, stated: “With the extremely anticipated launch of the RANGER® XP 1000 for 2018, beside the GENERAL® 1000 Deluxe with ABS and new youth RANGER® 150 EFI, we have established the industry criteria for off-road vehicles, and 2019 will sustain that momentum. We have introduced the best-looking RZR® XP 1000 up to present, with strong lines and powerful features, and a number of new colouring options to give customers the best choice of their Polaris vehicles.”


Polaris RZR® UTV for sale, the best-selling sports performance side-by-side lineup, gets a revived Xtreme Performance line with new dynamic styling. Cut with a chiselled strong stance and with brilliant LED accent lights and completely new LED headlights, 2019’s editions have delivered more powerful and bold RZR® XP machines. Progress continues on the interior of the cab too, where the cockpit emphasises premium digital instrumentation and extra storage.


Now, the Polaris RZR® S 1000 EPS will be in EMEA markets with the model year 2019. The RZR® S 1000 model is the latest sport machine, with unrevilled power, suspension and agility. The RZR® S 1000 EPS gives outstanding power and acceleration including the 100HP ProStar® engine, giving 33% more power than the RZR® S 900 model. The double A-arm suspension balances 60” broad sport performance with a smooth ride, with 12.25” suspension riding in the front and 13.2” in the back, and highlighting exclusive Walker Evans Needle Shocks. The High Performance True On-Demand AWD operation transfers power quickly to all 4 wheels for excellent agility. The new RZR® has the power-to-weight ratio of a RZR® XP in a quick RZR® S package.


There's also a new line up of colours for 2019, with the new RZR® XP 1000 EPS UTV for sale coming in Black Pearl, and the RZR® S 1000 EPS available in White and Titanium Metallic colours.


Polaris RANGER® UTV for sale is one of the industry’s most popular utility side-by-side, and it continues to advance the customer options across the 2019 lineup. The 2019 RANGER® XP 1000 EPS models are available in Sage Green and the new White Pearl colour.

Polaris GENERAL®, born from adventure, continues to grow its position in the side-by-side sector. Consumers have more choice than ever; the GENERAL® 1000 EPS now comes in White Lightning, whilst the GENERAL® 1000 EPS Deluxe with ABS is available in all-new Orange Rust colour. The GENERAL® 4 1000 EPS is also now offered in White Pearl.


Polaris Sportsman® UTV for sale continues to deliver the top-selling automatic ATV in the industry with improved electric power steering on all EPS models for 2019. The lineup also boasts a range of colours and graphics for the Polaris Youth range; the OUTLAW® 50 and OUTLAW® 110 announced in two colours; Pink and Lime, the RZR® 170 EFI in both White Lightning and Black, and continuing into 2019 is the Sportsman® 110 in Velocity Blue, ACE® 150 in Indy Red, and the RANGER® 150 in Solar Red. Fun has never looked so good.

Inside the construction of the new RANGER XP® 1000 UTV for sale 

Two decades after the introduction of the very first Polaris RANGER®, the celebrated legacy proceeds with the launch of the RANGER XP® 1000.

The RANGER XP® 1000 is the newest addition to our strong UTV line-up, and sets a new production standard with over one hundred user-inspired enhancements. It highlights class-leading power (82hp) and torque (61lb-ft), precision towing (over 1100kg) and ground clearance (330mm) – which make it is the toughest working, quietest riding SXS built.


So what does it take to create the brand new RANGER XP 1000?


The Senior Industrial Designer at Polaris Industries discussed the development: “The method of getting a new product ready for reproduction involves research, sketching, clay modeling and then a full-scale hard model is built. This is accompanied by A-side Computer Aided Design (CAD) info for tooling. Throughout the early stages of sketches and clay development, a unique model can take between 24-32 months to achieve a ground up design, with numerous team members offering up to 65 hours per week.”

This was from the Senior Designer of the RANGER XP® 1000, who was responsible for the production of the 2D exterior styling design that was picked to go into development and also supervising the development of the model in clay, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and production.

“I like the RANGER line-up and I’d state that the new XP® 1000 is my preference as it’s a result of my own blood, sweat and tears – and it rolled out great.”


The Industrial Design staff can often have five to six major programs working simultaneously, each possessing their own designer assigned. Very often, Senior Designers can frequently work on more than one design at once.

“Usually I have personal involvement between three and five main programs at any given time and generally have a few smaller programs sprinkled in as well.”


Consumer insight was employed for the advancements made to the RANGER XP® 1000 with 100 customer invigorated updates being included into the product.


Tiger Bracy, who manages the Industrial Design team, remarked: “The “Voice of Our Customer” is ever present and taken into thought in the development of our goods. We use online research, dealer studies, focus groups, and ride clinics  to get as much info as possible. This way we can be sure we’re focusing on what the consumer is after.”


Steve agrees: “Without the customer, we have no merchandise. As a creator, I am presented with lots of analysis by the product team but on top of this I want to try to assemble my own data by holding informal and personal conversations with real people and asking very precise questions.”

While consumer demand is an influential driving force for constant discovery, so is the will to remain a global powersports leader.

“We refresh models because our consumers demand development and they merit them, but awe also do it so that we remain ahead of our very determined competitors. We aim to improve our models with new innovations, and push the boundaries of design to keep our position as manufacturing leaders,” explains Steve.


With so much helpful feedback and data from buyers as well as years of expertise and knowledge, how does the team determine which improvements and modifications are the most important?


“We balance between performance, functionality and style,” admits Tiger. “We order the qualities that are most important to customer’s requirements, and we direct them into things that the vehicle must deliver on.”


Steve agrees: “It’s also a matter of comparing what is reasonable within the scope of the project. We use our own knowledge and creativity to solve puzzles and improve the user experience. Sometimes the customers don’t realise there are sections to be developed. We’re fans ourselves and scrutinise the experience – often  more than our customers – this is where we have the possibilities to innovate.” 

Both recognise that working on a result, and then seeing it being used by consumers is an extremely rewarding adventure.

“I love seeing the results that we’ve accomplished being used by customers. For me, the RANGER DNA is ‘Smoothest riding’, hardest working and it refers to all the RANGER’s I’ve worked on. The biggest challenge is having to prioritise the most significant styling features because during the manufacturing process, compromises will always be made. It’s difficult to let some of the key factors go, but you must in order to weigh up the other features. My favourite parts of the latest RANGER are the posture and the styling,” said Steve.


Tiger ends: “For me, RANGER must have a robust motor, large cargo capability, even suspension, industry defining towing ability, and a functional and comfortable interior. All these elements we have built into the RANGER XP® 1000.”

Used ATV


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Job done with our ATV and UTV range 

Used for both work and play, we offered a range of new Polaris ATVs and used ATV’s which you can view on our product pages online.


Showcasing quad bikes that are designed and developed not just for fun, but to also get the job done. 

Known for their durability, quality, and reliability, ATV’s and UTV’s offer it all, while keeping your safety continually at the forefront of their designs. 

With quality you can count on, and a team you can trust. 

Look no further than Beckside Machinery when you’re on the hunt for your next quad bike for sale. 

ATV’s, UTV’s and Quad Bikes 

When we talk about an ATV, we mean an All-Terrain Vehicle, also known as a quad. These vehicles have low-pressure tyres, with the rider straddling the seat, using the handlebars to manoeuvre and are designed for single use only. 

Quad Bikes, we like to think of as also the fun bikes, professionally termed, ATV’s. Ultimately three- or four-wheel bikes, primarily used for off-roading on designated and laid out tracks. 

UTV’s however, or side by side vehicles as they are also known, can carry between 2 and six people. With a four-wheel drive and more safety and security features, Utility Task Vehicles are off-road vehicles primarily used for more work-related tasks. 

Makes and models to suit YOU

Polaris ATV

Polaris history is not only fascinating; it is what has made the brand what it is today. Providing innovation in their Polaris quad bikes like no other, these ATV’s are suited to cross a variety of different terrains. 

Quads are now very much a common sight, especially on farms and in agricultural and horticultural settings where such equipment can be used for a variety of purposes. 

However, going back 20 years, this was certainly not the case, and quads back then were initially for a unique market. 

Until the 2005 RANGER.  

With new features, comfort comes as standard, rear suspension and electronic fuel injection, offering the utmost convenience, Polaris introduced quads to everyone.  

Continuing to take their quads further, Polaris also invested in numerous accessories to suit and customise quad bikes to individual tastes and styles. 

And the latest 2018/19 models feature the RANGER XP 1000. More rugged in its design, this is also a 3-seater ATV with a larger towing capacity, stronger horsepower, and broader suspension movement. 

Ultimately, the overall Polaris models are designed around the user. With models to suit everyone, you’ll find a model that works and ticks all of your boxes. 

Check out our full range of Polaris models online. 

Key questions to make sure you get the right ATV or UTV to suit:

  1. What is it being used for? 

  2. What activities do you plan to use it for? 

  3. Do you need an ATV or side by side? 

  4. What functions are most appealing to you? 

  5. Do you need power steering, navigation, heavy towing, etc.? 

At Beckside Machinery, our team of highly skilled experts can help you find the perfect used or new ATV for sale. 

Call us on 01673 828 965 

Or check out our full ranges which lists full details and features of each model available for sale.


ATV and UTV 

UTV’s are well known for their comfort, durability, and all-round ease when it comes to maintenance. Helping you to get the job done, there is a UTV to suit every task.  

Providing practical features like CTV transmissions and multi-plate sealed rear brakes, these vehicles are designed to do the hard work. 

Renowned brand Yamaha has a wide selection of UTV’s, available for sport, utility, and recreation. You’ll also find within the Yamaha range, snowmobiles for the trail, mountain, crossovers, youth, and utility. 

Honda is another leading UTV brand which features a high-performance cylinder head within each of their quads. Protecting the engine through its rev limiter, as well as improved drivetrain efficiency and aligning the driveshaft to the wheels, quads manufactured by Honda offer superior handling and high stability. 

If you’re looking for good pulling power, an automatic clutch that offers you fast and easy shifts due to its low engagement point, all matched with the excellent towing ability and engine braking that helps to keep you in control, then Honda and Yamaha ATV’s are designed for you. 

Call the team at Beckside Machinery to find out more. 

Call 01673 828 965 

Why Beckside Machinery? 

Looking for quads for sale in the UK and in particular looking at the specialists at Beckside Machinery, you can rest assured that our quads, both new and used, are of the highest calibre and are matched with levels of customer service that are outstanding. 

Our comprehensive knowledge of ATV and UTV makes and models have allowed us to become the most popular choice throughout Yorkshire when it comes to such vehicles. 

Fully equipped to provide you with a full service of your ATV and UTV as well as having the capacity to offer parts and spares for almost everyone makes and model – why look anywhere else? 

We’re also extremely cost-effective and have both second-hand quad bikes for sale as well as new ATV bikes – all to suit a range of budgets and makes and models to suit a wide variety of needs. 

Call us today on 01673 828 965 to find out more. 

An ATV or UTV designed for you 

When looking for top performance and solid builds, with a manufacturers guarantee built-in as standard, look no further than our full online range. 

With ATV and UTV used for farming, gamekeeping, forestry, equestrian, snow ploughing, or racing with friends – your ATV and UTV will soon become part of your daily life. 

Suitable for all weather and across all-terrain, choose the right option for you, making light work of even the toughest jobs. 

When choosing the right ATV/UTV, you need to consider: - 

  • What type of terrain will it be running on? 

  • Do you require swingarm rear suspension or more of an independent rear suspension? 

  • What type of transmission will work best for you? 

    • Manual 

    • Electric shift programme 

    • Automatic 

    • Dual-clutch transmission 

    • Power steering 

These machines are powerful, versatile, and built to tackle even the toughest jobs over the most demanding terrain. 

Plus, if you’re in need of more hands for specific tasks, then look no further than a UTV (or side by side). Able to carry multiple people alongside impressive tow capacities – make sure you can haul more and go further with the right UTV. 


Why choose an ATV or UTV for work or play?

  • Make light work of everyday tasks and even the most demanding jobs 

  • Offer speed and efficiency on every level 

  • Powerful, compact, efficient, and agile 

  • Simple to use, offering users a rewarding ride 

  • Make tough work easy 

  • Offer seamless performance even in cold weather 

  • Work large areas of land quickly and effectively 

  • Those with automatic transmissions can provide smooth acceleration over any terrain 

  • Learn the skills of ATV riding safely from a young age (with nimble and balanced handling for younger riders) 

  • Can be lightweight, so cause minimal ground damage 

  • ATV’s are small and compact, so great when working in tight spaces 

  • Quiet and economical with regards to fuel  

With superior handling and comfort now across most makes and models, ATV and UTV’s offer all-weather starts, true engine braking, and can save you considerable time and effort in both the short and long run. 

To find out more about what each make and model can offer to check out our product pages here. 

Beckside Machinery Highlights

  • Some of our new ATV and quads we have for sale include: 

  • Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 

  • Polaris Sportsman X2 570 

  • Polaris Sportsman 570 SP 

  • Polaris Sportsman EPS Tractor 

  • Kids Outlaw 110 Pink 

  • Kids Outlaw 50 Pink/Lime 

  • And much more! 

Our current used quad bikes for sale include: 

  • Kioti Mechran 2200 UTV 

  • Suzuki Ozark 250cc 

  • Yamaha Grizzly 360 

Please note: Our used quad bike page is updated regularly so check back for the latest equipment or make sure to call us on 01673 828 965. 

Routine Maintenance Checks

It’s important to remember that an ATV or UTV will still require some form of maintenance and service. Carrying out regular checks on your vehicle helps to maintain it for longer as well as keep it safe for all riders. 

Changing things such as air filters every 20 to 40 hours of riding, oil filters every six months, and checking the coolant every month, all help to maintain it to a high performing standard. 

It’s also important for you to check the drive chain and the swingarm regularly, especially in muddy conditions where dirt and debris can stick and cause more problems in the long run. 

At Beckside Machinery we can help with all maintenance and servicing of your vehicle, helping to keep them working for longer and working to a high standard at that. 

Saving you money, in the long run, is what we’re here to do.


Call us on 01673 828 965 to find out more about our maintenance and servicing packages. 

Parts and Accessories


Using the right parts and accessories for your vehicle is essential. Essential to not only make sure it continues to perform and work but also because adding different accessories and modifying it in different ways allows you to customise it to suit your specific requirements. 

These vehicles are versatile enough to be customised to suit any needs.  Plus working within the factory specifications will ensure your modifications work perfectly, function as they should, and all fit within the integrated design. 

The team at Beckside Machinery can help you with the supply of parts and servicing, specifically helping with: 

  • Battery care 

  • Belts 

  • Filters 

  • Lifts 

  • Lubricants 

  • Spark Plugs, and more! 

Call our team of specialists on 01673 828 965 to see how we can help you today. 

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