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    This series of sub compact tractors are easy and comfortable to drive. They have the power and lift to help you complete a large range of tasks with ease. 

    22-25 HP

    The CK series is extremely attractive visually and in terms of specification. The ecological engine is remarkably quiet and produces negligible levels of vibration. There is minimal maintenance required.

    28-40 HP

    The new series of Kioti DK tractors has 3 x models DK4510, 5010 mechanical and now the new DK6010 with a choice of mechanical or 3 x range Hydrostatic twin pedal transmission.

    45-55 HP
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cs series

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Kioti CK3510 4010 Factory Cabin Model br

ck series

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Dk series



Kioti Tractor is the commerce name for Daedongtractors in North America and Europe. Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd., which is located in Daegu, South Korea, was established in 1947, offering its first compact tractor in 1968. In 1993, Daedong extended into the US business with Daedong-USA, Inc. and founded the Kioti Tractor label. Presently, Kioti Tractor sells over 40 different tractor designs in the United States and Canada, varying from 22 to 110 horsepower, mowers with zero-turn along with 5 UTVs for sale, and a several types of compact tractor attachments for sale.

Daedong-USA, Inc. is the U.S. sub-company of Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd. concentrating on the production and circulation of compact tractors, compact tractor attachments, and UTVs for sale. Since the first Kioti tractor was launched in the U.S. in 1986, Kioti compact tractors have experienced rapid growth. In 1993, Daedong formally expanded into the North American business when Daedong-USA, Inc. was established and the headquarters of Kioti Tractors was located in Wilson, North Carolina. In 2004, Kioti launched their new North American offices in Wendell, North Carolina which involves the parts, service, and satisfaction center. Presently, Kioti Tractors distributes goods through an expanding North American merchant network of more than 350 wholesalers.

Kioti Tractors All Line-up Catalog_Page_



  • Added the first Kioti compact tractor in the U.S.A


  • Daedong-USA, Inc. was established and Kioti Tractor was loacted in Wilson, North Carolina


  • Kioti launched the DK45, the first DK Series compact tractor for sale


  • Kioti launched the KL Series tractor loaders, KB Series compact tractor backhoe attachment, and KR Series ride on mowers



  • Kioti launched the CK20, the first CK Series compact tractor for sale.

  • Expanded compact tractor attachment product ranges to incorporate aerators, rotary cutters, rakes, box and rear blades, etc.


  • Kioti revealed their new North American HQ in Wendell, North Carolina

  • The Kioti CK25, CK25 HST, CK30 and CK30 HST were offered


  • Kioti began the South West Regional Distribution Center in Mexia, Texas

  • Kioti launched the newly invented DK45S and DK65S, in the DK Series compact tractors


  • Kioti included the DK45SE HST, the first DKSE Series compact tractor with high-level technology


  • Kioti launched their 4-year full fleet guarantee

  • The DK75, compact tractor was added


  • The DS Series compact tractors tractors were added.

  • The DKSE Series was extended to 10 tractor types


  • Kioti included the DK45SE Cab, DS4110HS, and the DS4510HS compact tractors for sale

  • Theire compact tractor attachments line was introduced including three-point tillage equipment and mowers


  • Kioti marked 25 years of duty in North America

  • Added the Mechron 2200 ATV for sale, UTV attachments, CK Series compact tractor, DS3510, and the first RX series compact tractor for sale, the RX6010C


  • The CS2410 small tractor and the RX6010PC small tractor with hydraulic power shuttle were added


  • Kioti introduced the new CK2510 and CK2510HS compact tractors, the first in the CK10 Series of Kioti tractors.

  • The new NX series is advertised which constitutes 45 – 60HP Cab designs prepared with Synchro Shuttle and Hydrostatic Transmissions.

  • The new RX Series designs ranging from 66 – 73HP became ready with power shuttle, and power shuttle with creeper transmissions and a selection of ROPS or cab.


  • Kioti made an huge update to its parts warehouse in an attempt to improve effectiveness and better serve consumers and dealerships

  • NAEDA bestows Kioti with gold level standing for especially high dealer rating levels as part of NAEDA's business recognition program.

  • The PX9020 was declared as the primary PX Series model.

  • The first DK10 Series designs were added, including the DK4510/H, DK5510/H compact tractors

  • New NX ROPS versions were introduced ranging from 45 – 60HP.


  • New UTVs for sale were introduced, including the Kioti Mechron 2200PS and 2240 two-row UTVs.

  • NAEDA bestowed Kioti with gold level standing for exceptionally high dealer rating levels as part of NAEDA's manufacturer recognition program

  • Kioti debuted four new CK10 Series compact tractors for sale, including the CK3510/H and CK4010/H

  • Kioti commemorated its 30th birthday

  • Kioti increased the field option cab series to satisfy new and existing designs in the CS Series, CK10 Series, DK10 Series, compact tractors and UTVs

  • A unique drive-over mid-mount mower harmonious with the CK2510/H was added

  • The CS2210 and CS2510 compact tractors were included in the CS Series sub-compact tractors line

  • The EDA granted Kioti with gold level status for excellent evaluations as part of their Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Surve

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