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Are you looking for a UTV for both works and play? 

Are you in need of an extra pair of hands around the farm? 

Do you need a piece of machinery that can not only get you from A to B but can also help with heavy lifting? 

Look no further than the used UTVs for sale at Beckside Machinery. 

All serviced and maintained to our high standards; you can now have an exceptional quad at an exceptional price. 

Call us on 01673 828 965. to find out more. 

Reliability, Quality, Durability

Polaris UTVs offer it all. 

Keeping your safety and the safety of your passengers at the forefront of their designs, the Polaris range has something for everyone and every situation. 

At Beckside, we’re a team you can trust. A team that has years of experience and expertise in quad bikes, different makes, and models, as well as accessories, to know what quad suits what set of specific requirements best. 

We offer a range of side by side used UTVs which are suitable to carry between 3 and 6 people. 

More formally known as Utility Task Vehicles, UTVs have four-wheel drive, more security, and safety features compared to their ATV counterparts and are primarily designed for work-related tasks within the agriculture and horticulture industries. 

For a quad to suit your specifications, call us on 01673 828 965 to find out how we can help! 

Used Polaris Ranger for sale

The quad of all quads. 

The Ranger. 

Designed to handle different terrains, comfort comes as standard with the Ranger model. 

With rear suspension and electronic fuel injection, this second-hand Polaris range offers nothing but style and convenience. 

The latest Ranger XP 1000 models are by far some of our most popular used quads. More rugged in their design, they can provide you with a much larger towing capacity, stronger horsepower for when you need it most, and a much broader suspension movement than typically found on other quads. 

With used quad bikes coming to Beckside Machinery regularly, make sure to stay up to date with what stock we have available and the latest models to drive into our service area. 

Call 01673 828 965. to find out the latest used quads available and if you have any specific requirements. 

Breakdown of a UTV

UTVs are renowned for their comfort and practicality. 

Robust and durable, UTVs are also easy to maintain and service. 

Designed to get the job done, you’ll find a UTV to suit every task. 

UTVs also boast practical features such as CVT transmission and multi-plate sealed rear brakes. 

Ultimately, these utility vehicles are designed to take the hard out of work. 

Check out our full range of used quads for sale. 

Why buy a used quad from Beckside Machinery?

Our teams are true professionals and experts in the field of quads. It’s this experience and knowledge that also allows us to offer our customers servicing and maintenance options too. 

Quads bought and sold from Beckside Machinery are of the highest calibre as well as matched with levels of customer service that are exceptional. 

We’re the company of choice for many throughout Yorkshire when it comes to quad bikes and quad bike accessories. 

Cost-effective with a range of bikes to suit a variety of budgets, as well as offering parts and spares for nearly every make and model – why look anywhere else? 

Give us a call on 01673 828 965. and see why so many people choose Beckside Machinery. 

Used Polaris Buggy

If you’re looking for a UTV that offers you top performance, is robustly built, can handle heavy loads, and assist with heavy lifting, look no further than our second-hand Polaris range. 

Used for farming, gamekeeping, forestry, equestrian, snow ploughing, or even racing with friends, these UTVs will soon become part of your daily life. 

They’re also suitable in all weather and can tackle all terrains.  Make the right choice for you, and help make light work of even the toughest jobs. 

Powerful, versatile, and ready to go. 

Call 01673 828 965. now to find the right quad for you. 

Why choose a UTV?

  • Make light work of everyday tasks and even the most demanding jobs  

  • Offer speed and efficiency on every level  

  • Powerful, efficient, and agile  

  • Simple to use, offering users a rewarding ride  

  • Offer seamless performance even in cold weather  

  • Work large areas of land quickly and effectively  

  • Those with automatic transmissions can provide smooth acceleration over any terrain  

To find out more about what each makes, and model can offer to check out our product pages here.  

Our used quad bike page is updated regularly, so check back for the latest equipment or make sure to call us on 01673 828 965.  


Routine Maintenance Checks

It’s important to remember that a UTV will still require some form of maintenance and service. 

Carrying out regular checks on your vehicle helps to maintain it for longer, as well as keep it safe for all riders


Changing things such as air filters every 20 to 40 hours of riding, oil filters every six months, and checking the coolant every month, all help to maintain it to a high performing standard.  

It’s also important for you to check the drive chain and the swingarm regularly, especially in muddy conditions where dirt and debris can stick and cause more problems in the long run.  

At Beckside Machinery, we can help with all maintenance and servicing of your vehicle, helping to keep them working for longer and working to a high standard at that.  

Saving you money, in the long run, is what we’re here to do. 

Call us on 01673 828 965 to find out more about our maintenance and servicing packages.  

Parts and Accessories

Using the right parts and accessories for your vehicle is essential. Essential to not only make sure it continues to perform and work but also because adding different accessories and modifying it in different ways allows you to customise it to suit your specific requirements.


These vehicles are versatile enough to be customised to suit any needs. Plus, working within the factory specifications will ensure your modifications work perfectly, function as they should, and all fit within the integrated design.  

The team at Beckside Machinery can help you with the supply of parts and servicing, specifically helping with:  

  • Battery care 

  • Belts 

  • Filters 

  • Lifts 

  • Lubricants 

  • Spark Plugs, and more! 

Call our team of specialists on 01673 828 965 to see how we can help you today. 

Used UTV

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