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loader tractor for sale


Loader Tractor For Sale

If you are after a loader tractor for sale, you’ve come to the right place as we have a wide variety of tractor loaders on offer.

What is a tractor loader?


We can fit a tractor loader to either the front, rear or both front and back of our tractors for sale. Essentially, they comprise of a bucket which is used to scoop up matter and transfer it from one place to another; without pushing the material over the ground. Typically, tractors for sale fitted with one or another type of loader are known either as a front loader tractor, or a backhoe tractor, although we also have for sale compact tractors fitted with both tractor implements (see our tractor package deals). So, what’s the differences between a Front Loader tractor versus a Backhoe tractor?

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Front loader tractor 


With a front loader tractor, the loader is fitted to the front end of the tractor on which it is mounted. The loader is used to shift numerous substances, such as wood chips, sand, rock salt, logs, gravel, debris, snow, dirt, and so forth. 

Tractors with front loaders for sale are fitted with a front mounted wide bucket, which is joined to the end of two booms (or arms). The device of the loader may be removable or fastened permanently. The bucket can be substituted with other attachments like forklifts, bale grapplers, clamshell buckets, and so on. If you’re looking for a compact tractor front loader, we have plenty of options available for you.

Backhoe Tractor


A backhoe tractor is also known as a backhoe digger. The tractor backhoe is an excavating equipment digger that has a bucket at the end of a two part articulated arm. The compact tractor backhoe is usually mounted on the back end of the tractor. It is called backhoe due to its digging motion which is in the backward direction towards the machine unlike the way humans shovel things straight outwards. The backhoe is capable of digging much deeper compared to the loader. It is primarily use for excavations and material handling.

The bucket of the backhoe can be replaced with hydraulic power attachments like a breaker, grapple, auger, tilt rotator, etc. The bucket of a tractor backhoe is much smaller compared to that of a compact tractor with loader. While both the backhoe and the loader both move dirt, front loader tractors are usually articulated while the backhoe is one articulated unit. The boom stick and dipper arrangement make it easier for the backhoe to gig deep and with much faster cycles due to its hydraulic power.

While both compact tractor attachments for sale have their individual, it is when both these tractor implements come together, see our tractor package deals,  that our much loved tractors for sale take shape to become one of the most versatile heavy equipment available in the market today.

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Kioti Tractor CS2610 Front Loader Tracto

What tractor loader for sale are your after?


In summary, whether you want to purchase a front loader tractor, a backhoe tractor, or decide to take advantage of one of our excellent tractor package deals, we have plenty to offer. Many of our used tractors come fitted with these compact tractor implements; for example, we usually have a John Deere tractor loader, a Kubota tractor front end loader, and other quality second hand tractors (please check our range for the latest models in stock). In addition, we have a broad selection of premium new tractors fitted with both front loaders and backhoes; take a look at our Kioti Tractor and Branson Tractors ranges.

If there’s something which catches your eye, or you want some advice on what’s the best loader tractor for your specific requirements, please give us a call on 01673 828 965, and we will be happy to help you.

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