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Types of flail mowers 

There are several, and we mean several different types of flail mowers on the market for customers to choose from.  Such mowers can include: 

  • Medium duty sub-compact flail mower 

  • Heavy-duty sub-compact flail mower 

  • Standard duty flail mower 

  • Heavy-duty flail mower 

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic offset flail mower 

  • Side shift flail mower 

With a range of different styles and types, it’s essential to know what each one offers and if it can offer the best solution to you.  Meeting your requirements and specifications to a tee. 

To find out more and to speak to the professionals at Beckside Machinery, call 0167 382 8965.  With lease purchase available, let us help you increase your income without the associated high costs! 

Flail Mowers for Sale 

Within the range of different types of flail mowers for sale you will be able to find: 

Compact tractor flail mowers

These heavy-duty flail mowers are ideal for smaller tractors, making them suitable for work on orchards, all amenities, and landscaping work. 

These flails are available in 6 cut widths and are suitable for grass cutting and removal of undergrowth. 

They also have a PTO speed between 540-1000rpm and host various pulleys. 

What’s more, this type of flail can be front or rear-mounted. 

A strong body with robust blades means these compact flails retain their strength no matter what. 

Not even those solid objects, such as hard rubble and stones, can impact the body from underneath. 

The effectiveness of these machines is powerful due to the blades fitted under the hood of the flail mower. 

ATV flail mowers / Tow behind flail mowers 

These ATV flail mowers are ideal for smallholdings and can be towed behind quad bikes and 4x4s where required. 

Perfect when you’re carrying out regular maintenance, working around paddock areas, and for cutting pastures. 

These tow behind flail mowers are ideal for regular grass maintenance as they are quick and simple to operate. 


The cutting height can also be changed, and these mowers can have independent petrol engines making them perfect for use with quads where paddock areas, in particular, are set to cut. 

Note:  Most ATV mowers will not be suitable for heavily overgrown areas, and in these instances, we would recommend a tractor-mounted flail mower. 

Self-powered and exceptionally tough, tow behinds are ideal for smallholdings, large estates, landowners, land that isn’t suitable for farm tractors, and more. 

They can tackle a multitude of tasks such as reducing weeds, nettles, thistles, bushes, etc. 

Flail mowers suitable for pasture management 

These types of flails can be fitted at the front or the rear of your tractor and are available in 7 cut widths.  They have a strong hydraulic side shift to offset the machine, and they are suitable if you’re working with material up to 5cm in diameter.  As the headstock is bolted to the machine, it can easily be reversed for different mounting. 

Topper mowers 

Topper mowers do what they say in their name!  They take the top off long grass and scrub! 

Topper mowers are ideal for running over pastures that have become overgrown, helping to keep everything manageable and at a reasonable length. 

A topper mower is the perfect piece of equipment for tackling those overgrown brambles across farmland fields. 

What’s more, a topper also leaves grass cuttings long and in rows, making it easy to manage and maintain. 

Mini garden flail mower 

Operating with ease, the compact garden flail mower is straightforward to use, low maintenance, and offers owners a long service life. 

These flail mowers are also low on power yet high on performance, making them great for gardens, amenities, and all landscaping projects. 

These mowers are also available in a range of cut widths to help suit your requirements and specifications. 

They have a PTO speed of 540 rpm (on average), and they come as a rear mount only. 

All mini flail mowers from Beckside Machinery offer outstanding quality and performance as well as leaving a fine finish each and every time. 

Heavy-duty flails 

Here, the narrow hammer flail can be attached to the mini garden range to offer a more powerful updraft in order to help lift any fallen materials. 

Due to the position of the cutting face, the material can be lifted and cut cleanly from the ground. 

When the flail comes into contact with a foreign object, don’t panic, the rear profile on flails is designed to fold back against the rotors table, avoiding the flail from breaking. 

Compact verge mowers 

These mowers are flexible, versatile, and designed for banks, verges, and hedges – our compact verge mowers can offer it all! 

These flails are good for pruning undergrowth up to 5-6cm, grass cutting, and more! 

However, note, these flails can only be rear mounted. 

Maintenance of this piece of equipment can also be kept to a minimum, and by correctly adjusting the belts, you can also maximise its service life (note:  the belts are automatically tensioned). 

These flails are suitable for all compact tractors. 

Beckside Machinery 

Flail mowers from Beckside Machinery are durable and ideal for cutting through overgrown bramble, paddocks, maintaining weeds, agricultural work, and so much more! 

Ultimately, flail mowers are great for use on smallholdings and any area with grazing livestock! 

For instance, you can add several hammer style blades that can be mounted onto the cylinder rotor, which with the multiple blade action, offers a much finer cut on even the most overgrown areas. 

Suited to uneven ground types compared to that of conventional mowers, you can find different heights for the flail mowers available, helping to provide and offer a variety of different cuts. 

For an even cut, a flail mower can be your best friend. With adjustable rear rollers that can be moved up or down along the tractor top, allowing you to change the angle and cutting height with ease. 

If you’re looking for ATV flail mowers for sale or compact tractor flail mowers for sale, look no further than the range on offer at Beckside Machinery. 

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