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The Wessex WFM-145 flail mower is a superior choice for those seeking a high-performance mowing solution for their compact tractor. This robust model features hydraulic side shift capability, allowing for exceptional control and precision across a variety of landscapes, including private estates, fields, and rural pathways.


Engineered with a working width of 1.45m and weighing 385kg, the WFM-145 is equipped to handle challenging terrains and dense vegetation with ease. The presence of 18 durable hammer flails ensures thorough pulverization of all plant material, leaving behind a neatly mulched area that enhances soil health and scenery.


Perfect for tractors with a minimum of 25hp, the WFM-145 is not only a powerful tractor flail mower but also one of the most efficient flail mowers for compact tractors available. Its design includes four belts that transmit power smoothly, ensuring optimal performance without compromise.


With features like a full-width adjustable rear roller and cutting heights ranging from 30mm to 110mm, the WFM-145 is versatile and adaptable to your specific landscaping needs. This model is ideal for those looking to buy a flail mower for sale that can deliver both power and finesse.


As one of the best flail mowers, the Wessex WFM-145 stands out for its build quality and performance capabilities. Whether you are maintaining a smallholding or managing large agricultural areas, the WFM-145 is designed to exceed expectations. Embrace the ultimate mowing solution and consider this model for its remarkable efficiency and reliability among flail mowers for sale UK.

WESSEX WFM-145 Compact Tractor Flail Mower For Sale

  • Specifications

    • Working width 1.45m
    • Weight 385kg
    • Tractor horsepower 25hp
    • No. of hammers 18
    • No. of belts 4
    • Side shift Hydraulic
    • Cutting height - 30mm-110mm
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