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Tractor Rotavator

Best Rotavators for Compact Tractors

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Beckside Machinery rotavators!

Rotavators shouldn’t be underestimated.


They are powerful, often heavy-duty, pieces of gardening equipment that provide an essential land maintenance function.


Designed to aerate and churn up the soil in gardens, allotments, and fields, before laying turf or planting seeds and bulbs – ultimately on farms, rotavators can be a life and time saver!

Tractor Rotavators

The design of a rotavator consists of a set of rotors (blades) that rotate around, breaking the soil up with ease when these blades come into contact with the earth.

Why rotavate?

There are several reasons why rotavating is a necessary task; our top three include:

  • To help improve drainage 

  • To level uneven ground, and 

  • To soften and turn up the soil, making it perfect for growing crops and vegetables.

However, choosing the right rotavator is essential, and with a wide range of makes and models, the good news is, the team at Beckside Machinery is on hand to help! 

Tractor Mounted Rotavators

You will find rotavators available in various styles, brands, and sizes. Trust us, there is a rotavator for a large variety of applications and to meet a wide-ranging set of requirements. 

For example, heavy-duty hydraulic rotavators are designed for use on larger plots of land, fields, etc. – as these are extremely powerful pieces of equipment designed primarily for agricultural use. 

Operating a Rotavator 

Rotavators can be used on sandy soil at any time; however, for soil high in clay, it’s important to note that rotavating will return you a very different outcome when this is wet compared to when it is dry. 

This is because when clay soil dries out, it becomes very hard, which in turn can make using a rotavator difficult, where only the first 2 inches of soil can be scraped away. 

However, if the soil is too wet, large lumps, or clods can form, which when dry feel and look like rocks/stones – ruining the soil altogether until the following year when the weather helps to soften the soil again. 

Our top tractor rotavator tips


  1. If you’re rotavating new ground, make sure to remove any large or substantial weeds beforehand. This helps to prevent them from being caught in the rotavators tines and then spread further around the land. 

  2. Keep your hands, feet, and any loose items of clothing away from the tines, remaining in control of the equipment at all times. 

  3. Staying safe means having the right rotavator for the right job. Call Beckside Machinery on xxx to find your perfect solution. 

  4. Don’t move along the ground too quickly; let the rotavator work its magic. 

  5. Appropriate PPE should be worn, such as ear defenders, padded gloves, etc. 

  6. Rotavate your land in strips, slightly overlapping on your previous strip. 

  7. Ensure two to three passes over each strip, repeating the process at right angles. 

  8. On your first pass, we’d advise not to go deeper than 2-3 inches – going deeper after that on each pass. 

Rotavators are a great time-saving solution helping you to carry out essential maintenance work. 

Using a tractor rotavator attachment helps to remove the ominous and quite often backbreaking work associated with rotavating. 

Gliding over plots with balance and a clear pressure focus, you can recreate land, plant seeds, remove weeds, and so much with ease. 

Improve the quality of your terrain with a small tractor rotavator. 

Call 01673 828 965 now. 

Types of Rotavators

There are several types of rotavators on the market. Our most popular rotavators feature:

Rotavators for compact tractors – this piece of equipment provides a deep tilled bed for future planning. They are rugged in their design and construction and can also be used as a semi-offset machine. 

Tractor mounted rotavator – heavy duty – these are required for specialist equipment and can be extremely helpful during busy periods on the farm. Making hiring the best option in order to help keep costs to a minimum. 

Cultivators – drawn as an attachment behind a two or four-wheeled tractor, these attachments are rigidly fixed and powered via the tractor’s transmission. Cultivators, in this sense, will help to stir and pulverize the soil before planting, or indeed after the crop has begun to grow (killing weeds). 

Rear tine petrol rotavators – great for carrying out ground-breaking work. These compact tractor rotavator attachments provide a powerful engine and heavy-duty gearboxes. These heavy-duty rotavators also allow for the soil to be broken up at much greater depths. 

Front tine petrol cultivators – compact tractor cultivators, are lightweight, making it ideal for turning soil and making furrows. 

Tractor tiller attachments – compact tractor tillers offer fantastic value for money. They’re great for cultivating borders, digging up weeds, vegetable gardens, and more! 

Petrol Cultivator – great for both commercial and domestic use, a petrol cultivator attachment can stay till topsoil on vegetable plots and garden borders. 

Medium duty petrol rotavator – these are robust and durable pieces of equipment whose performance is unwavering, even in the most demanding of conditions. 

Heavy-duty petrol rotavator – this is ideal if you require a stronger rotavator to help break up difficult soil or clay. 

Note: Compact rotavators are best suited to small horsepower tractors and when only small areas of land need to be rotavated. 

Beckside Machinery 

At Beckside, we specialise in the hire of a range of products and services. 

Operating throughout Yorkshire, we serve and provide equipment to a range of businesses and individuals across a variety of industry sectors. 

We’re dedicated to offering our customers the most innovative solutions to help support and meet your requirements. 

We understand that hiring equipment and tools is essential to keep projects, sites, farms, etc. moving - that’s why we always ensure cost-effective, hassle-free, and reliable services. 

We have a range of tractor rotavators for sale, as well as mini tractor rotavators, tractor cultivator attachments, and tiller attachments, ready and waiting to meet your specifications. 

Call our team today on 01673 828 965 to see how we can help you. 

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