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Introducing: The FarmMaster HRT-180 Compact Tractor Rotavator for sale. These excellent compact tractor attachments for sale include...


Note: We stock spare parts for all of our compact tractor attachments if required.


Product Details

  1. Transmission: side gear driven system
  2. Graphite gearbox is made of casting iron. Material performance is better. Not easy broken.
  3. The suspension plate shape is not easy to deform.
  4. 6 blades per flange, to meet different farm requirements
  5. Rear protection plate easily prevent the soil flying out
  6. Rotating blades break up the soil, on rough uncultivated ground.
  7. Universal 3 point cat I and II
  8. 6-spline slip clutch driveline included
  9. Parking Stand: Supports the tiller during storage to prevent it from tipping.
  10. Adjustable side skids to obtain the desired tilling depth
  11. Ideal for preparation of soils in vineyards, landscape beds and orchards.


Product specifications

  • Working width (cm): 240CM
  • Blade shaft speed: 232RPM
  • PTO Input speed(rpm): 540r/min
  • Weight(Kg): 365KG
  • Number of blades: 72
  • Tilling depth(cm): 8-14CM
  • Power required: 30-55HP


These are excellent heavy duty compact tractor rotavators. For more information, please call us on 01673 828965 today!


To view our comprehensive range of compact tractor attachments for sale UK stock, please click here.

FarmMaster Heavy Duty Compact Tractor Rotavator HRT-180 1.8m wide


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