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Used ATV

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Are you looking for a riding thrill over any terrain in any weather conditions?

Look no further than a used ATV from Beckside Machinery.

With a range, and a wide range at that, of used ATVs for sale, we’re confident we have an ATV type for everyone and every situation. 

For a team, you can trust through every twist and turn, call 01673 828 965 today to find out how we can help you. 

Call 01673 828 965

Keep on top of your ATV

No matter how often you ride your quad, and no matter where you ride it, i.e., forest or track, routine maintenance, and servicing checks are a must! 

Working with your manufacturer’s manual as well as with the dealer where you purchased the quad from help! 

Providing information on oil types, filters, how often brake pads, etc. should be changed is essential for maintaining the quality of your quad as well as keeping it safe, always. 

Used ATVs available from Beckside all go through our servicing and maintenance teams to check, replace, and repair any parts and accessories where necessary.  

For you, this means you can be guaranteed quality used quad each and every time.

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A guide to maintenance 

Air Filters – these should be cleaned every 40 to 60 hours, and more regularly if you’re riding in dusty or damp conditions.

Oil – we’d recommend checking each ride if possible, or at least every other. Under non-race conditions supplant every six months.

Oil Filter – should be changed with oil every six months. 

Coolant – we’d recommend checking this once per month and replacing the coolant entirely every two years. 

Spark Plugs – clean and check every three months or as required. Change where and when necessary. 

Drive Chain – alter, clean, and grease up every three months; again, this should be done more often if it is damp, dusty, or in sloppy conditions. 

Brakes – check as required; however, we would recommend at least every three months.  

Swingarm pivot bolt – should be checked each and every ride! 

Grease – every six months and only with the prescribed oil! 

Types of ATVs for sale A guide to maintenance

  • Recreation

  • Sport ATV

  • ATVs for kids

  • 6x6 models

  • Eight Wheelers

  • ATVs suitable for land and water

  • Those that closely resemble UTV models

Beckside Machinery current used ATVs for sale

  • Polaris Diesel Ranger 2017

  • Polaris Diesel Ranger 2015

  • Kubota RTV 900

  • Suzuki Ozark 250cc

  • Yamaha Grizzly 360 Yamaha

Our used quad bikes range changes regularly, stay up-to-date online, and also make sure to call the team at Beckside on 01673 828 965 to make sure you don’t miss out on the quad opportunity of a lifetime. 

Don’t forget the maintenance

ATVs are designed to handle any terrain and any condition. Extreme vehicles that take any test that you throw at them! 

For it to keep its durability and to keep it in good working order for longer, you need to schedule a few maintenance stops throughout its lifetime.

Of course, nothing beats professional maintenance and servicing check that the team at Beckside Machinery can provide. Providing you with 100% peace of mind that your quad is in the hands of professionals. Helping to keep it safe, maintain its effectiveness, and save you money, both in the short term and the long term. 

However, if you are looking to carry out regular and more straightforward maintenance on your quad, please bear in mind our servicing tips above relating to oil changes, oil filters, grease, and much more. 

If you have further questions or you would like to talk to us further, call us on 01673 828 965 or pop down to see us, we’re always on hand to help! 

Why buy a used ATV from Beckside Machinery? 

We’re a team you can trust. 

That, and we also have a wide choice of used ATVs available for sale. 

We help find you the perfect ATV to meet all of your specifications and requirements. 

We can also help provide suggestions for driver training, insurances, as well as suitable accessories and even finance options where required. 

We offer the most competitive prices around all matched with exceptional customer service.


Offering great deals and reliable quad bikes for many years, we only provide the best second-hand ATV quads on the market. 

Call our friendly team on 01673 828 965 and see how we can help you today. 

Parts and Accessories

At Beckside, we provide a range of parts and accessories suitable for a variety of makes and models. 

Some of our most popular parts include: 

  • Belts 

  • Batteries 

  • Filters 

  • Lubricants 

  • Lifts 

  • Spark Plugs 

  • And much more! 

For a team, you can trust…a team that can provide you with all you need and more…

Call 01673 828 965 

Benefits of Buying a Used ATV 

Used quads from a reputable dealer, means quality is still 100% assured. However, you don’t pay the price of a new quad! 

Gaining all the quality and benefits of the quad without feeling the pain of the hefty price tag attached! 

Buying your quad from a reputable dealer also means that you can have peace of mind that the quad in question has been well looked after, maintained, and serviced to a high degree.  

Kept in good condition, second-hand quad bikes can last a lifetime (or until you’re ready to upgrade), and with regular maintenance and servicing schedules booked in, your quad can be everything you need it to be and more! 

At Beckside Machinery, we can help you find the perfect used quads for sale, meeting all of your specifications and requirements to a tee. 

Visit our used ATV pages to find your perfect quad today! 

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