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Tractors with Backhoes



Beckside Machinery is one of the most extensive tractor trade equipment and tool stockists based in Leeds and operating throughout Yorkshire.

And when it comes to compact tractor backhoe attachments, we feel like we have to start at the beginning… 

An attachment is known as a backhoe

A backhoe is a large piece of excavating equipment, also known as a digger.

It is designed with a digging bucket/scoop, which is attached to the end of a two-part articulated tractor arm. 

These compact tractor loaders are rear-mounted, (or if you are using a backhoe loader, this will then be attached to a front loader (also known in the UK as JCB)). 

The arm closest to the vehicle, known as the boom, helps to support the dipper – (the part that carries the bucket).

Ultimately, backhoes for compact tractors offer a great alternative to the all-round compact digger.

They are also much, and we mean much more cost-effective, while still providing you with full usability.

Backhoes are suitable for: 

  • Farmland 

  • Building firms 

  • Development projects 

  • Fencing work 

  • Orchards 

And many, many more instances, across several businesses and industry sectors. 

If you’re looking for a backhoe loader for sale or a tractor backhoe for sale, contact the team at Beckside and let us help find the right solution for you. 


Types of compact tractor backhoes

If you’re required to lift and move heavy and large volumes of soil, then a backhoe attachment is a must.  Providing you with superior digging capabilities and mobility.

Backhoe Digger 

These three-point link mini digger backhoes help to provide additional strength, outstanding performance, and what’s more, they are straightforward and easy to assemble.

Backhoe diggers are sturdy, high-quality pieces of equipment that fit a compact tractor in minutes.

You’ll also find different bucket sizes available with varying depths of the dig, operating heights, swing angles, stabiliser widths, and bucket rotation angles too. With all locking linkages complying with UK Health and Safety regulations fully.

A GRE backhoe is mounted onto compact and mini tractors using the 3 point links; however, it does not have fixed brackets or bolts. This means the backhoe can be removed quickly and easily, so you only use the attachment when you need it the most—freeing up your tractor for alternative accessories allowing you to get on with a multitude of jobs and work.

This particular style of compact tractor backhoe digger is best suited to landscaping, general estate maintenance, and even golf courses and the likes!


Features of a backhoe attachment

Tractor backhoes for sale help to create a powerful digging excavator, and trust us, excavation has never been easier with a backhoe attachment.

These pieces of equipment are brilliant at handling tough excavating jobs.  And they cause a minimal ground disturbance which can be ideal if you’re working in sensitive areas.

A backhoe works by fitting the attachment to the back of your compact tractor, where once secured in place, you can hook the backhoe up to your tractor’s auxiliary hydraulics, all before attaching your buckets.

They are smaller than an excavator in size and can only rotate side to side by 200 degrees.

Most backhoes are rented when they are required for light or medium jobs, due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness.

These backhoes can load waste, carry out excavation work, and drag debris towards the vehicle.

Knowing which type of attachment is best suited to your work is key.

Call Beckside Machinery today to find out all of our hire options.


What a backhoe can offer

Backhoes for compact tractors offer:

  • Ease of use, when required for heavy-duty work and digging 

  • High power 

  • Durability, reliability, strength 

  • Much more responsiveness than other attachments available, and 

  • The PTO shaft also decreases the risk of the tractors hydraulic systems, preventing them from overloading and increasing its overall lifespan. 

At Beckside Machinery, we recommend at least a 20 horsepower compact tractor if you’re looking to use this type of attachment.

We also offer a full warranty and spares back up, and we’re always on hand to turn your tractor into an amazingly reliable and robust mini digging machine!

With a backhoe to suit not only your tractor but meet your requirements and project specifications.


Call a member of our team on 01673 828 965 to find out more. 


What can you do with a backhoe?

What can’t you do should be the question!

Backhoes can:

  • Help you take on a range of excavation jobs. 

  • Be used to dig out septic tanks and ditches. 

  • Support with digging, irrigation, water, and power lines 

  • Build retaining walls 

  • Carry out a multitude of landscaping projects.

For us, and many others relying on backhoes for regular work, they can provide excellent visibility, which allows for a much more accurate operation/dig. 

The subframe also helps to offer added strength and durability. With a range of bucket options to suit all requirements and a range of backhoe sizes available, we’re confident there is a backhoe attachment suitable for everyone and every task.


Beckside Machinery

The team at Beckside Machinery are true professionals in our field.

We supply a wide range of compact tractors, attachments, tools, and equipment to individuals and businesses across a variety of different sectors and for a variety of different work tasks.

Based in Leeds, we operate throughout Yorkshire and have built our reputation and brand to what it is today by offering innovative solutions through high-quality equipment and tools, such as backhoes, and matching all of this with our exceptional customer service.

For a company that you can trust to provide you with high quality, first-class equipment, look no further than Beckside Machinery.

Speak to our friendly team members today and see how we can help you! 

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