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The LANDLUGGER BH10 is a quality engineered, light and fully functional tractor backhoe for small and compact tractors from 15-35HP, which can be used with virtually any tractor that has a PTO. The BH10 tractor backhoe sports an independent hydraulic oil tank; hydraulic remotes aren’t required for swift operation.


LANDLUGGER – a QUALITY tractor digger that keeps performing

The BH10 isn’t a ‘cheap’ compact tractor attachment; compared to some relatively cheap Asian compact tractor backhoes for sale, which are often fraught with issues, such as poor geometry, inferior components and poor bucket design: making the item potentially useless.


In contrast, the LANDLUGGER BH10 compact tractor backhoe for sale utilises high-quality components and design; the result is a superior backhoe, which does exactly what it’s intended to do, at a reasonable price, so it’s a solid investment.


Invest in a quality branded LANDLUGGER today, or call us on 01673 828 965 to know more.

LANDLUGGER BH10 Compact Tractor Backhoe

  • Features

    • Quality Italian Machinery
    • Purpose-specific digging bucket that is of a similar shape to a £35,000 excavator.
    • Bucket shape has a significant impact on backhoe performance.
    • Additional optional ditching/grading bucket available.
    • Independent, hydraulically-operated stabilizer legs, to optimize stability on uneven ground.
    • Hydraulic control unit with pressure regulator to prevent damage from immovable objects.
    • Adjustable seat for optimal operating position.
    • Tilt seat with gas strut for compact transportation and protection from the elements.
  • Standard features

    • Three-point hitch, category 1 and 2.
    • PTO driven hydraulic pump with gearbox for 540 rpm.
    • Independent hydraulic system with pump and hydraulic oil tank with13 litres oil capacity.
    • 6 hydraulic cylinders.
    • Independent hydraulically operated stabilizers.
    • Hydraulic control unit with pressure regulation.
    • Tilt seat, adjustable.
  • Merger with TYM Tractors

    TYM has held 30% of Branson tractor shares since 2016. TYM now owns the entire Branson Tractor and Diesel Engine facility in South Korea after purchasing the remaining 70% of the shares last year.


    TYM has decided to merge the two brands under the TYM brand name starting in January 2023. Future tractors will be badged and sold as TYM tractors with the Branson name being phased out.


    As of January 2023, the name will change to TYM Tractors UK.

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