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An ATV Flail mower is a type of powered ATV attachment which is used to deal with heavier grass and scrub which a normal lawn mower could not cope with.


The Farm Master 120 ATV tow behind flail mower is purposefully designed for quad bikes. This versatile ATV pull behind flail mower is ideal for maintaining parks, paddocks and large grassed areas. This ATV quad flail mower is also great for mulching undergrowth and light vine mulching, etc., around farms and other properties.



  • Easily adjustable cut height. Designed for cutting practically anything – adjust the height of 3cm-13cm (1.18inch- 5.12inches) with a built-in rachet. 
  • Flotation tyres ensure stability and wheels can be repositioned to sit behind the flail mower for mowing close to boundaries such as hedges. 
  • Flexible wheel setup (3 different wheel positions)
  • Anti-scalp rear roller, enable kerbside grass to be cut with no difficulty, by allowing the wheel to hang over the kerb edge
  • Able to adjust the offset of the mower from directly behind the vehicle towards the left side of the vehicle.
  • Enable kerbside grass to be cut with no difficulty, by allowing the wheel to hang over the kerb edge.


The Farm Master quad bike flail mower is capable of mowing everything from grass to awkward bushes and nettles across a diversity of surfaces from perfectly flat land to wet, uneven exteriors, the Farm Master quad flail mower is the perfect answer for neatening your grounds regardless of their current state. Designed by an agricultural-design engineer in collaboration with the needs of smallholders, these ATV accessories are astonishingly easy to set up and begin using immediately.


This ATV flail mower features a high-quality engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton - the World's most renowned producer of air cooled petrol engines for outdoor power equipment. 


If you want to know more about the Farm Master ATV Flail Mower for sale, UK stock, please call Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965 today.

FARMMASTER 120 ATV Flail Mower & Quad Flail Mower

  • Specifications

    • Model ATV-120
    • Cutting Width 1200mm 
    • No. of Hammer blades 28pcs
    • Weight 230KGS
    • Dimension 1850*1680*980mm
    • Packing Size 2200*860*950mM
    • B&S Engine Power 13HP
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    A flail mower is a piece of equipment that is used to deal with heavier scrub or grass which a regular lawn mower can’t cope with. If you’re looking for the ideal flail mower for sale, Beckside Machinery has a flail to suit your requirements. Our comprehensive, FarmMaster compact tractor attachments for sale include various models of hydraulic side shift flail mower,  verge flail mower, and flail hedge cutter, along with an ATV flail mower to fit a quad bike. Additionally, we sell the Wessex Proline range by Wessex International. Please call us on 01673 828 965 if you need any help in choosing the right compact tractor implement for your needs.

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    Beckside Machinery are proud to stock the UK’s most comprehensive range of flail mowers for sale, which are subdivided into the following categories:

    We have multiple models in each category to suit your specific requirements. All variants can be viewed from our Flail Mower page. Please call us on 01673 828 965 if you want any help.

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