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tractror hedge cutter

& verge cutting equipment

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If you are looking for a tractor hedge cutter, then look no further than Beckside Machinery. We stock a comprehensive range of hedge cutters to suit your requirements, including:


FarmMaster Giraffe Compact Tractor Hedge Cutter

 The FarmMaster Giraffe trims the hedge using a reciprocating edge so it does not project the clippings, they just fall to the ground, making it perfect for use in parks, schools and public areas. Only a small tractor is required which gives access to restricted spaces. It provides a fresh, tidy cut and finish, and is an overall superb tractor mounted hedge cutter.


Where a nice finish in hedges up to 2cm thick is needed, the talented FarmMaster Giraffe cutter-bar has no equal. The hydraulically operated 1.22M blade alternates 300 times a minute to give a fresh cut and a high work pace. The articulated unit allows a wide range of cutting positions from below tractor diameter to providing a flat top cut on hedges up to 4.6M high making it a perfect compact tractor attachment.


The FarmMaster Finger Bar Trimmer HFSC1600 

This tractor hedge cutter is a superb compact tractor attachment. It is easy to work and adapts to any hedge, bush and tree. The FarmMaster Finger Bar Trimer is controllable via the remote control which can be easily installed in the cabin or near the operator. The strong crane arm is also controllable and the mower can be placed with the mower head on the ground, above the driver, with extra precision angle, lift, reach, slew and rotor controls.


The FarmMaster Finger Bar Trimmer has great safety characteristics. Guards are provided at both ends of the cutting head to ensure protection. It is safe to operate and there is insufficient risk of flying debris, thus making it the favoured compact tractor hedge cutter for tractors without a cab, and even small tractors, and micro tractors.


Superior results are obtained due to speciality blades, precision controls, and smart ergonomics. Additionally, it is designed to fit well with tractors already fitted with compact tractor attachments, such as compact tractor backhoe attachments, front loader tractors, and so on, so there are no worries over compatibility issues.


FarmMster HHFL Hedge Cutters

The FarmMaster HHFL-800 and HHFL-1000 are both a premier tractor hedge cutter for sale. They are easy to work and accommodates any hedge, bush and tree. The FarmMaster HHFL-800 has a reach which is completely controllable via the remote control which can be mounted in the cabin or near the driver. The study crane arm is controllable, and the mower can be positioned with the mower head on the ground, above the operator, with extra precision angle, lift, reach, slew and rotor controllers.


Superior results can be achieved with speciality blades, accurate controls, and smart ergonomics.


Wessex T380D & T430D HEDGE CUTTERS

The Wessex T380D and T430D are two mid-range hedge cutters intended for use within the agricultural and ground-care market sectors.


With a 3.84m and 4.33m reach each, the arm of the T380D and T430D are manufactured from heavy gauge circular steel tube, which allows maximum resistance to torsion stress, while the moulded polypropylene hydraulic oil tank is intended to reduce the overall weight significantly. A thermostatically managed oil cooler is available as an optional extra. Both models are fitted with a 1m width cutting head, mechanical break-away construction and a choice of Y-pattern or Bootie flails.



The WESSEX CHT-120 1.2m compact tractor hedge cutter is ideal for cutting small trees, hedges and pruning hedges, and are suitable for compact tractors of 15hp and above. The model features a 1.2m cutter bar and comes complete with cable controls. It is powered from the tractor's hydraulics.




The WESSEX T-320A HEDGE CUTTER is intended to suit compact tractors from 25hp.


The left-handed Wessex TA-320A series has a maximum reach of 3.22mm. It is the perfect tool for private estate and large garden or public highway. We supply the hedge cutter with either cable or joystick controls.



Invented for compact tractors, the T-350-S and T-350-SI are perfect for operating in confined spaces. It is incredibly versatile, has a 1.5m reach, and can work on both the left and right-hand side of the compact tractor.


Wessex T500G Compact Tractor Hedge Cutter For Sale

The T-500-G is the flagship example of the Wessex hedge cutting range. Featuring a 1.2m performance width head with the option of numerous flail types for different applications.


The T-500-G has a stretch of 5.0m and highlights a parallel arm for ease of operation. The machines allow the option of cable controls or the EP-Tronic proportional control joystick for precise manoeuvrability.

Compact Tractor Hedge Cutters

If you're looking for the most suitable hedge cutter attachment for your tractor, you've come to the right place. 

Beckside Machinery offers a wide range of tractor attachments suitable for a variety of compact tractors. 

From mini hedge trimmers to tractor mounted hedge trimmers, flail hedge cutters for mini diggers, and more, we're confident to have something suitable to carry out every job around the farm, and then some! 

Our mini hedge trimmers have the great benefit of less noise, no fumes, more comfort, and can offer much more flexibility and ease, even in the most awkward of country lanes! 

This small tractor mounted hedge trimmers help to not only keep on top of hedges, but they also help to neaten them up too. 

The variety in attachments makes them suitable for small hedges, low hedges, topiary, and regularly cut hedges. 

compact tractor hedge trimmer.jpg

When looking for a hedge cutter for sale, think about the great investment you're making, both in the short term and the long-term. 

Helping to trim back smaller branches on hedges, these sharp rotating blades can cut through and get the job of hedge cutting around fields and quartered areas quickly and effectively. 

Benefits of Tractor Hedge Cutters


These tractor attachments are perfect as smallholdings, making them ideal for hedge and verge cuttings. 

They're also great for: 

  • Cutting branches and twigs with ease 

  • Offering a forward speed, providing good capacity 

  • Their fast cutting action (between 200-400 cuts per minute to be precise) 

  • Maintenance.  These attachments are fairly straight forward to maintain and service. 

  • Offering a great, smooth cut result every time. 

These attachments are primarily used for commercial use, mounted on small tractors, due to their robust and durable nature, and the investment that is required in these pieces of machinery. 

Why is hedge trimming so necessary? 

Hedge trimming and cutting are vital for farmers because of legislation in the UK. 

By law, all hedge trimming around country lanes and farmlands must be complete by February and are typically cut every two years. This is due to the protection of nests and birds, avoiding nesting season and any damage to birds' homes during March through to September. 

It’s also essential to maintain hedges surrounding fields to stop them overgrowing and reducing the size of the actual land available.  Land that may be used for grazing and cropping, for example.  

Hedges also often act as fences, keeping livestock safe in their fields, hence the thicker and bushier the hedges are the best chance you have of keeping livestock in their place! 

Tractor Mounts 

The nature of the mountings is important and should not be underestimated.  

Tractor hedge trimmer attachments can be mounted to the front, rear, or even the tractor's middle.  And depending on what work you're carrying out, will depend on the mount you will require. 

Tractor hedge cutters are three-point link mounted, driven by the PTO, that goes at 540 rpm, with the trimmer driving the hydraulic pump.  The hydraulic pump feeds the motor on the mower head to rotate the cutting blades. 

It is then the flail heads that mash up the hedge. 

The arms managing these attachments can rotate to all angles, managing to cut hedges of all shapes and sizes and the sides of ditches at ground level. 

Speaking of the arm, in the cab of the tractor, the arm operating the three hydraulic levers operates the cutter.  These three levers include one to raise the arm off the ground, one to turn the angle of the flail head, and the final lever to control the arm's reach. 

Perfect Solution 

Robust and compact, flail attachments are the ideal solution to cut grass, shrubs, and hedges, making them ideal for mini diggers and midi excavators. 

Flail cutter attachments are designed for mini diggers from 3.0 to 7.5 ton and come in a variety of different widths, making cutters available from Beckside Machinery, suitable for a wide range of machinery. 

What's more, they also come with adjustable mounting brackets and believe us when we say, offer effortless installation. 

Some hedge cutter tractor attachments and loaders also allow for accurate vertical cutting close to the tractor, which makes them great when working in tight country lanes. 

Cutting close to and around obstacles these hedge trimmers can cut scrub, gorse, briars, and overgrown grass and large lawn areas and pastures. 

If you're looking for compact hedge cutters for sale, or if a mini hedge trimmer is more up your street look no further to our extensive selection available to view online. 

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