The FARMMASTER HHFL-800 is a flail hedge cutter; which means that it’s a flail mower, that also doubles as a compact tractor hedge cutter; making it ideal for cutting hedges, embankments ditches, and roadsides.


This flail hedge cutter, with excellent safety features, is fully operable via the simple remote control, which can be easily mounted in the cabin or near the operator. The sturdy crane arm is fully controllable, and the flail mower can be positioned with the flail head either on the ground or above the operator, using the precision angle-lift, reach, slew and rotor controls.


Superior results are obtained due to speciality blades, precision controls, and smart ergonomics. Additionally, it is designed to fit well with compact tractors already fitted with compact tractor attachments, such as backhoes, and front loaders, so there are no worries over compatibility.


*Please Note: We stock spare parts for all of our compact tractor attachments for sale, if required.

HHFL-800 FARMMASTER 0.8m Flail Hedge Cutter

  • Features

    • Easy-to-use Leavers; to control arm reach and cutting head
    • Can be used inline or offset
    • Reversible flail mower direction
    • Heavy Duty Hammers
    • Maximium horizontal cut, 2.5 metres.
    • Adjustable Rear Roller
    • 540RPM PTO speed
    • PTO shaft (supplied)
    • Category 1 Linkage
  • Diagrams

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