The Wessex CHT-100R compact tractor mounted hedge cutter is a hydraulically driven three-blade rotary tractor hedge cutter for sale. It is designed to shred and cut hedges and shrubs to an excellent standard while throwing back the debris to help encourage new growth. With a maximum reach of 5m, the hedge cutter can work either on the left or right side of the tractor.



  • Cutting width 100cm
  • Tractor horsepower 40-50hp
  • Minimum tractor weight 700kg
  • Material thickness up to 3cm
  • weight 220kg

Wessex CHT-100R Compact Tractor Hedge Cutter (Joystick Controls)


    • Joint with hydraulic tilting of the cutting bar 225°
    • Reversible frame
    • 3-point hitch cat.1
    • Anti-shock system on the 3-point hitch
    • Tilting system for cutting on both sides of the tractor
    • Support stand
    • N.1 double-acting hydraulic distributor
    • 20-25 Liters/min