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New UTV and Used UTVs For Sale

SELECT YOUR utility vehicle

Get the job done with a UTV you can trust

Known for their quality, their robust design, durable features, and all-round reliability, UTVS’s can, and do, offer it all. 

At Beckside Machinery we have a great selection of new UTV’s for sale, and depending on the make and model you have in mind, you will also find some of our UTV’s to be road legal, 2-seater buggies, with the performance ability to take the bike off-road as well. 

UTV’s are known as side by side vehicles able to carry between 2 and 6 people, making them great when you need an extra pair of hands on the job. 

With a four-wheel drive and more safety and security features than ATV’s, Utility Task Vehicles are off-road vehicles designed to make light work of heavy lifting. 

With a large capacity tilt bed and hydraulic-assist strut, UTV’s are the perfect partner for all work-related tasks. 

For a quality UTV you can rely on, from a team you can trust, call us on 01673 828 965

Polaris UTV 

For the team at Beckside Machinery, the Polaris range offers everything you could be looking for in a side by side UTV. 

With innovation, safety, and durability key to all of their designs, Polaris quads are like no other. 

Providing much-needed support for work across agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and more, the Polaris buggies can be used for a range of work purposes and a variety of heavy-duty tasks. 

The Polaris Ranger 

The Polaris ranger range offers nothing but comfort as standard. As well as superb rear suspension, electronic fuel injection, and in the Ranger diesel, a 24.8hp Kabuto engine can be found tucked neatly away in the chassis. 

This particular Polaris Ranger also offers a lower-geared CVT transmission coupled with an active downhill engine braking system, which is engaged by a rocker switch found within the new cabs. 

Offering the ability to take on tighter turns with electronic power steering, you’ll also find a two-person bench seat alongside the driver’s chair, which can also be folded up to allow for additional space in the footwell. 

The Polaris Ranger XP 1000 is also an exceptional quad. More rugged in its design, this is a 3-seater UTV, with a larger towing capacity, stronger horsepower, and broader suspension movement. 

Designed around the user, we’re confident that Beckside Machinery has a make and model that ticks all of your boxes. 

Check out our full range of new Polaris Rangers for Sale online. 

UTV Accessories 

If you’re looking to make your UTV unique and ensuring that it is capable of carrying out the tasks you need it to, Polaris has a range of accessories to suit. 

When it comes to additional hardware, items can include: 

  • Stiffer chassis 

  • Larger front skid plate 

General Accessories include: 

  • Windshields 

  • Roof 

  • Mirrors 

  • Storage Boxes 

  • Supply Parts 

  • Apparel, 

  • And much more! 

Contact us to find out what accessories we would recommend for you. 

Call 01673 828 965 

Road Legal UTVs 

UTV’s that are road legal have been through a rigorous testing process to gain approval and legal road use status. 

If you're a proud owner of a road-legal quad, these bikes must also be registered with the DVLA and should be fully taxed and insured. The driver must also hold the full UK driving licence and be over 17 years of age (check out our blog on requirements for road-legal quads for further information). 

Benefits of buying a new UTV

  • You don’t have to fret about knowing if the quad was previously serviced or maintained correctly. I.e., if previous owners have looked after the quad and kept it in good condition. 

  • You get complete peace of mind that you will get the full manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee. 

  • Buying a new quad from a reputable dealer (like Beckside Machinery) also guarantees that you get the best quality machines currently out in the marketplace. 

At Beckside, we can help you find the perfect UTV to meet your needs and specifications. 

We can also suggest driver training, insurance, as well as suitable accessories and even financing options if required. 

The team at Beckside is on hand to help with it all. 

Providing servicing and maintenance as standard, we guarantee you high-quality quad bikes at the most competitive prices – all matched with our exceptional customer service. 

If you have any questions, or to check out some of our latest UTV’s for sale, click here or call us on 01673 828 965

For a hardworking UTV look no further 

Versatile and able to handle different work and play situations, Polaris has a quad to suit all requirements. 

Offering great deals and reliable quad bikes for many years, we put our reputation in the best quads on the market. 

A multi-utility range that delivers off-road utility vehicles that support agriculture and horticulture industries, as well as suitable for country estates, used for commercial purposes, and well, sometimes just for fun, make sure to check out the:

Polaris Sportsman – great for recreational play, as well as industrial and agricultural work. You have the choice to ride solo or with a partner with the Polaris Sportsman. Offering unrivalled performance, this is by far one of the most popular quads available. 

Polaris Ranger – the hard worker, the smartest side-by-side utility vehicle you’ll probably come across. These UTVs are great for forestry, gamekeeping, agriculture, equestrian tasks, and more. 

Call us to find your perfect quad match. 

01673 828 965 

Hire Options 

At Beckside Machinery as well as offering a range of quad bikes for sale, we also have to hire options available too. 

Available for short- and long-term contract hire, you also have the option to buy our available new and used quads. 

Call our team to discuss your ideal solution. 

Call 01673 828 965 


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