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about Petrol Log Splitters

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Splitting wood for fireplaces can be a laborious and time-consuming process. As winter approaches, many people stock up on firewood by employing a log splitter. Log splitters turn the problematic exercise of manually splitting a log with an axe into a swift and relatively straightforward job, and they make it far safer. Purchasing either a tractor mounted log splitter or a petrol log splitter for sale makes the job far more straightforward, effectively removing the hard labour. 

Domestic log splitters are designed to fit specific sizes of wood - the length or diameter of wood that can fit inside the log splitter for sale. This means that depending upon the size of the model, you might want to use a chainsaw to chop up logs into more manageable chunks for the wood splitter. Another thing that can be used to cut the wood into sizes that a hydraulic wood splitter can easily handle is a sawhorse. These help in holding a number of logs safely to be cut into the right size for the splitter.

How does a wood splitter work?


The wood splitter has a plunger that pushes the wood into a travelling or fixed splitting wedge. The plunger then moves the wood piece into the wedge, or the wedge into the wood, using splitting force to separate the wood into two parts.

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How do I use a log splitter?

First, place the wood into the log splitter between the splitting wedge and the stopper. Next, ensuring your hands are out of the way from the wood, initiate the splitter plunger or wedge to force the wood into the wedge or wedge into the wood. Finally, when the wood is separated into two sections, reverse the plunger or wedge and expel the wood pieces from the splitter.

Most splitters split the log into halves, requiring them to be put through to get the wood into quarters which is generally what is used in wood stoves or log burners.

Petrol Log Splitters

Petrol splitters are for people more advanced with log splitting or appreciate the petrol splitters' higher performance, as they are superior to electric log splitters. A petrol log splitter also has the advantage of being far more portable, as they are self-contained and can easily be positioned close by the trees, so you can quickly become a forest master in log splitting terms. Additionally, if you split more hardwoods than softwoods, then it's best to use a petrol log splitter as an electric log splitter will likely struggle to process hardwoods efficiently. 

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Goliath - Premium Petrol Log Splitters For Sale


The Goliath range of log splitters are an excellent choice of hydraulic log splitter. They are powered by a heavy duty Briggs & Stratton air-cooled petrol engine. Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest producer of this type of petrol engine. Located in Milwaukee, USA, the organisation designs, manufactures, markets, and services these products for original machinery manufacturers worldwide. For 100 years, they've been making the engines that power the devices people use to get the work done. That's the reason customers look for the Briggs & Stratton brand when they shop for petrol log splitters.

Goliath petrol log splitters UK incorporate Briggs & Stratton XR2100 utility engines, which are the most powerful of their utility engine range. The XR2100 is a horizontal shaft engine built to be rugged, reliable and efficient. It's equipped with 28,48 Nm Gross Torque* and 420cc; the petrol log splitter is built for the most demanding work environments.

We hope this article has helped you. If you still have some difficulty deciding which model to go for or have any additional questions, our team of specialists is available to talk to. Please call us on 01673 965 828. 

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