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Compact Tractor Backhoe Attachment - Why?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Recently, we exhibited at the Lincolnshire Show and since more and more people became curious about our new LANDLUGGER compact tractor backhoe attachment, we’ve decided to give a few bullet points as to why a compact tractor backhoe is one of the most all round useful compact tractor attachments.

You can literally do hundreds of things with a compact tractor backhoe attachment, including:

  • Digging holes

  • Filling holes

  • Plough a garden

  • Use as a snowplough

  • Uproot trees

  • And so on

One major advantage of a LANDLUGGER is that they are easy to operate. If you are interested in our LANDLUGGER compact tractor backhoe attachment series click here, or to view our small backhoe tractors for sale, which are already fitted with a LANDLUGGER compact tractor backhoe, click here for new ones and click here for used compact tractors for sale.

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