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Value for money: Reconditioned Tractors

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Value for money: Reconditioned Tractors!

At Beckside Machinery we often receive inquiries about whether to purchase a new compact tractor or a reconditioned one. You may well be asking the same thing? First you need to decide on the purpose of the tractor and accessory…Why do you want to purchase it? You would also need to know whether it will be fit for the job for the years to come! To make the most of your purchase you would need to know what farming implements would be necessary to get the job done right.

If you are a novice or seasoned expert, who has knowledge of what to look out for when you buy a compact tractor a little knowledge can go a long way. Although I have made them into bullet points for ease of reading, for peace of mind I think it is worthwhile perusing the comprehensive list. Listed are some of the essentials know-hows to chooses the correct tractor reconditioned tractor.

Front Axle

  • it’s a good idea to check the front axle hub seals. Dirt and grime can work their way in here and rupture the seals, which cost about 80 each. Traces of oil around the inner rim are the tell-tale signs.

  • Jacking the front of the tractor up and shaking the wheels – top and bottom – will show up hub bearing wear. It’s not common for these to go, but it can be a labour-intensive job to rectify.

Hubs and rims

  • Sometimes the front wheel hubs are known to crack. A line of rust either side of the bolts holding the centre on to the outer rim is a giveaway.

  • The centre also cracks where it meets the outer rim. On tubeless rims, this results in a constant slow puncture. It is advised to keep an eye on these and weld any cracks as soon as they appear.


  • Check the fan belt for wear and splits. It is also a good idea to check the fan bearings.

  • Grabbing a blade of the fan – obviously with the engine stopped – and shaking it fore and aft will indicate any wear.


  • Under the bonnet, the first things to check are the battery terminals – rusted or corroded connections can play havoc with the tractor’s electrical components.

Hitch Lock

  • The hooks that lock the pick-up hitch closed operate on a shaft that is fitted with a key. This key wears and the hooks become loose on the shaft.

  • With the hitch lowered, shake the hooks to check for wear. A worn key will result in the cable not releasing the hitch to be lowered. A pick-up hitch overhaul will cost about 200 in parts and about 200 in labour unless it has warranty!


  • The PTO shaft is held on by three internal bolts, and it is not uncommon for one of these to work loose and come off.

  • If the PTO is used with one of the bolts missing, it can become bent. Running the pto while keeping an eye on the shaft will highlight any imbalance in the shaft. A replacement stub shaft comes in at about 95 but, being labour-intensive to repair, the total cost is likely to rise above 450.

Road Test

  • Keep an eye on the dashboard for error codes and run the PTO in both 540 and 1000 mode to ensure it is selecting both ranges with ease.

  • Test the four-wheel-drive and diff lock are both selecting and disengaging on request.

  • Lastly, it is worth testing that the seat is functioning correctly. If the machine is to be bought for long days working in the field, it is worth having a comfortable seat and, considering a replacement base costs £650, it is something you should rectify before leaving the dealer’s yard.

At Beckside Machinery all our used tractors have been reconditioned by Japanese engineers. In addition, because of our used tractor warranty we will ensure your purchase has comprehensive warranty, so all the above will not be an issue. Furthermore, we will either ship the part within 24 hours or have it repaired on site. At Beckside Machinery we have confidence in what we sell, and we invite you to see our blogs, read our posts and visit us before you buy. We offer expert advice on all our machines and accessories, tailored designs to suit your requirements, and we would like to hear what you think too.

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