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Several different compact tractor attachments for sale are known which include weeding or cutting knives, sometimes identified as sweeps or sweep blades, which in use work below the surface of soil and which are intended to severe the stems or roots of plants such as trees or weeds as they travel into the soil. In one sort the compact tractor attachments are chosen tools and incorporate rigid cutting blades.

Alternatively, weeding compact tractor attachments can be in the style of the rod which may be held from a toolbar trailed from a prime mover such as a compact tractor to extend transversely relative to the path of travel and which can be driven to revolve about its longitudinal axis. A regular power harrow comprises a transverse beam or complete form which depends, at several spaced positions along the expansion of the beam pairs of soil operating blades. The hollow beam accommodates a drive train which drives each blade pair around a vertical axis from the power take-off shaft of agricultural compact tractors as the latter drags the harrow across the area to be worked.

This correlates to a power harrow having a frame that is usually substantially horizontal and at smallest one rotor. A rotatable shaft is journaled near one edge in a bearing fastened to the frame. The rotor is in driven relationship with the other edge of the shaft and is rotated about a usually upright axis, to make contact with the soil to work it. A protecting shield surrounds the bearing from below. It reveals a blade assembly for a power harrow for sale, the makeup including support means formed with two recesses, a pair of harrow blades each possessing a support flange receivable in a corresponding recess, the support means bearing two retaining members each movable within an operative position in which the retaining member secures the corresponding blade in position in the similar recess, and an inoperative condition allowing introduction of the flange into the recess or removal of the flange from the recess, each engaging member being biased towards the effective position.

The soil working encountered huge amount of force while operating in the field and should be replaced frequently. The time necessitated in replacing the blades was too much in the pioneer machine because of their complex mechanism. Hence, there is a requirement of an compact tractor attachment or a machine possessing a simple mechanism for replacing blades in a brief time to overcome the above difficulties and to increase its efficiency by maintaining the machine.

The main object is to provide a swift fit mechanism for power harrow blade possessing a power harrow blade assembly to replace blade for maintaining the machine easily.

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