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An alterable cycle length limited for log splitters for sale

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

An alterable cycle length limiter device for log splitters for sale allows a return cycle of a hydraulic log splitter component to be stopped at either of a number of movable desired stop settings based upon the expansion of the logs being split.

The cycle length limiter device includes a replacement control lever connected by a pivot element on a control box of a hydraulic log splitter to replace for a removed original control lever. The new control lever includes an upper control handle with the control knob added above the pivot element to pivot from a centre neutral position, forward to a forward advancement position to advance a hydraulic log splitter arm ahead for splitting a log mounted on the hydraulic log splitter and rearward to a back return position to return the hydraulic log splitter arm to facilitate removal of a split log and insertion of a new log to split. A rigid lower expansion of the upper control handle extends under the pivot element of the control level so that the below extension moves in an opposite direction to the upper control handle.

A cycle length limiter rod connects at a first cycle length limiter rod end to a base end of the lower extension of the lever appendage by a pivotable connection, such as an inverted U moulded yoke. The cycle length limiter rod has a range of openings along a length of a limiter part of the cycle length limiter rod. A cycle stop component, such as a hitch pin, is insertable in one of the series of holes of the cycle length limiter rod so that the cycle halt element protrudes from the cycle length limiter bar. A return cycle length of the PTO log splitter factor and is determined by which of the series of holes holds the cycle stop element.

In FIGS. 3-6, the cycle length limiter design and comprises an elongated rigid component, such as a metal bar, fastened at a first cycle length limiter guide point by a rigid connector to the Venon log splitter rod at the working end and of the log splitter arm. The cycle limiter design and is attached at a secondary cycle length limiter guide end by a system, for sliding the cycle length limiter guide along with a frame portion of the hydraulic log splitter, the cycle length limiter guide further comprising a cycle length limiter rod structure, such as a vertically protruding tab an with an opening and to accommodate the limiter rod therethrough, projecting from the second cycle length limiter design end to receive the cycle length limiter rod fitting slidably within.

When the upper lever handle is pulled back to the return status, the lower extension of the control handle rotates forward to move the cycle time limiter rod forward and the tractor log splitter arm moves backward to actuate the cycle length limiter guide and backwards so that the cycle length limiter rod build and engages the limiter portion in the cycle length limiter rod to push the rigid lower branch backward so that the upper control handle pivots ahead into the neutral position to stop the repetition cycle of the hydraulic log splitter arm a desired distance for including a log of a desired length in the log splitter.

The upper control armis angled sharply, preferably 45 degrees, off from the hydraulic log splitter UK for ease of passage and ease of use. The cycle length limiter rod is located under the log splitter hydraulic cylinder to shield it from damage. The cycle length limiter rod is rather fabricated of rigid lightweight metal tubing to retain the weight down and thereby reduce inertia on the control valve lever.

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