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In the preparation of land for planting, the traditional procedure is to plow the land, then the power harrow for sale does it by means of disc harrows, then prepare the seed bed by means of toothed tractor harrows. it's often necessary to possess a further operation of opening a furrow when the planting device isn't adapted to open its own furrow. within the normal practice, each of those operations require a separate coverage of the sector by the tractor with the actual implement attached to perform the operation desired. This, of course, means often the tractor must make the round of the sector fourfold before the seed or plants could also be planted. In practically every instance in farm operation, a minimum of two separate operations of the tractor must be made; first the plowing operation, then the harrowing operation to properly prepare the seed bed.

In considering these problems, a compact tractor attachment has been invented which can permit the plowing and harrowing operation to be combined without materially increasing the draw-bar pull on the compact tractor. It is, of course, conceivable that the traditional harrows might be pulled by the tractor in position to follow the plowing operation so on accomplish the plowing and harrowing operation simultaneously but, of course, this is able to greatly increase the draw-bar pull on the Kioti tractor and would, in most instances, require a much more powerful small tractor.

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