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Can I Ride a Quad Bike on a Car License in the UK?

If you're considering purchasing a Polaris ATV or have recently acquired one, you might be wondering if you can legally ride it on a car license in the United Kingdom. The answer is not as straightforward as you might think, as it depends on various factors like the type of quad bike, its intended use, and your driving license category.

In this article, we will explore the requirements for riding a quad bike on a car license in the UK and provide insight into what you need to know before hitting the road with your Polaris ATV.

Driving License Categories

To legally drive a quad bike on public roads in the UK, you must possess the appropriate driving license. For most quad bikes, including Polaris Sportsman models, you will need a category B1 driving license. This category is specifically for light vehicles, including quadricycles and tricycles.

If you obtained your full car driving license (category B) before January 1997, you are in luck. Your license already includes category B1 entitlement, which means you can legally ride a quad bike on public roads without any additional qualifications.

However, if you received your category B driving license after January 1997, you might need to take an additional test to obtain the B1 entitlement. In this case, it's essential to check your driving license and consult the DVLA for further guidance.

Road-Legal Quad Bikes

It's crucial to note that not all quad bikes are road-legal. To be legally driven on public roads in the UK, your quad bike must meet specific requirements. These include having a valid MOT certificate (if the vehicle is over three years old), proper road tax, and being registered with the DVLA. Additionally, your quad bike must have the necessary safety equipment, such as lights, indicators, mirrors, and a horn.

The Polaris Ranger series is an excellent example of road-legal utility vehicles that meet these requirements.

Insurance and Safety Gear

Like any other motor vehicle, you must have valid insurance coverage for your quad bike before riding it on public roads. Make sure to research different insurance providers and find a policy that suits your needs.

Wearing appropriate safety gear is also crucial when riding a quad bike. Although there is no legal requirement to wear a helmet in the UK, it's highly recommended for your safety. Protective clothing, gloves, and boots are also essential for a safe and enjoyable riding experience.


In summary, you can ride a quad bike on a car license in the UK if you have the correct driving license category (B1) and ensure that your quad bike is road-legal. Don't forget the importance of insurance coverage and wearing appropriate safety gear while enjoying your Polaris ATV.

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