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Compact tractor and combination SEED DRILL & Power Harrow For Sale

Combination of a compact tractor and a mixture of an influence power harrow for sale and a seed drill

The compact tractor attachment relates to a mixture of a tractor and an assembly of an influence harrow and a seed drill, which power harrow comprises a frame with therein mounted soil tillage members arranged during a row transverse to the direction of travel and rotatable about upwardly directed axes. roller positioned behind the soil tillage members and a three-point linkage coupled to a three-point linkage of the tractor, the three-point linkage of which the lower lift arms are longer than the upper arm, while the three-point linkage has lower linkages mounted on a frame front of the row of tillage members, and therefore the connection between the seed drill and the facility harrow is made by connecting arms which engage the three-point trestle of the power harrow for sale.

With the known combination, the seed bed prepared with the rotary harrow is sown directly. When the known assembly is lifted into the transport position with the lifting arms of the three-point device of the tractor within the usual manner, the three-point device is heavily loaded and therefore the chance that the front wheels of the tractor for transporting insufficient ground pressure is increased, because the middle of gravity of the assembly is found far backward. this invention aims to obviate such adverse effects. consistent with the invention this is often achieved therein the upper arm of the three-point device may be a hydraulic adjustment cylinder, which cylinder engages the rotary harrow within the upper coupling point of the three-point headstock which lies behind the plane conceivable by the rotary axes of the working members, all this in such how that, after retraction of the cylinder, the middle of gravity of the seed drill is practically above the roller of the rotary harrow, after which raising the lower arms of the three-point device causes the assembly to tilt further forward. The relatively far backward engagement with the rotary harrow of the upper arm of the three-point device , which is meant as a hydraulic adjustment cylinder, ensures that, when the adjustment cylinder is retracted and therefore the upper arm length is nearly halved, the assembly tilts forward about the lower coupling points to an edge where the middle of gravity of the seed drill is practically above the roller harrow roller. As a result, the middle of gravity of the assembly is brought on the brink of the tractor and therefore the load on the lifting arms of the three-point device is significantly reduced. Lifting the relatively long lift arms constructed within the usual manner will tilt the assembly even further forward and convey the middle of gravity even closer to the Kioti tractor or Branson tractors.

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