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Compact Tractor Maintenance

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Compact Tractor Maintenance

Keeping your compact tractor in good working order and making sure that all of the attachments you use are still suitable for the job, is essential.

Essential because if these pieces of equipment and accessories aren’t maintained, they can cause you a lot of headaches – with work not being able to be carried out and a costly repair bill to get everything back in order.

At Beckside Machinery we know that small tractors aren’t used all of the time and indeed the attachments to accompany these are not needed all of the time.

However, to avoid them suffering from rust, breaking down due to lack of maintenance and care, failing when you use them or quite simply not operating to standard, compact tractors need to be maintained regularly.

Sub Compact Tractor maintenance tips

All compact tractors for sale will come with a user manual, where you will find detailed explanations and information about the tractor, the parts that can go with it, working elements of the equipment, as well as maintenance tips and in some cases maintenance schedules, i.e., how often to change oil filters, clean air filters, check front axles, etc.

Sticking to the maintenance advice and schedule is key to prolonging the life of your subcompact tractor.

That, and you also need to have a place to store your equipment and accessories, especially in the winter months, avoiding equipment being exposed to damp and icy conditions.

Barns or sheds are the ideal locations. Offering cover for the equipment but also a place for you to access everything; being able to carry out oil checks, clean air filters (tip: aim to keep air filters level when you remove these from the machine, to avoid dirt from falling back into the equipment!), drying and lubricating equipment, treating any signs of rust or bare metal etc — ultimately carrying out a general wear and tear check on your compact tractors.

If you don’t have a suitable location to store your small tractor or its attachments safely, heavy-duty covers can be purchased. However, like anything, over time these can also suffer from wear and tear and will also need to be maintained.

If you do opt for a cover avoid plastic! For all waterproof, these covers still sweat and restrict the air circulation around the tractor itself. Instead, look for a breathable poly canvas tarp.

Clean your machine and equipment regularly!

Cleaning blades and rotors, as well as mud from cabs, etc, allows you to not only check the equipment for any repairs that might need to be carried out, but it also stops things seizing up and not working at all when you come to use it next.

Note: It’s important to remember when cleaning attachments in particular, that any parts you remove, i.e. blades and filters, you put them back the right way and make sure the spring washers that go with these are replaced at the same time, helping to keep your attachments in good working order for longer.

Carry out regular oil checks

Front axles are the main areas for repair work, as this is where the weight and capacity a compact tractor can handle is found, so it’s important to check your front axle fluids as well as carry out your regular oil checks.

It’s also important to remember to choose the right hydraulic fluids – not the ones which you think you can get away with and the compact tractor can handle. Mainly because there are many variables that affect the performance of compact tractors so following the guidance in the user manual is always the best course of action to avoid any potential problems.

Anti-freeze can also be a saviour for compact tractors and their engines during the colder months. Make sure to regularly check the condition of antifreeze in your tractor and keep the area surrounding your radiator cap free from debris at all times (this eliminates the need to flush the entire system if dirt were to get inside).

If compact tractors are not going to be used for a long time period, when it comes to their fuel tanks you have two maintenance options:

For petrol, make sure you completely drain the tank to avoid the petrol inside going stale and damaging the system.

For diesel, keep the tank full if possible, to help reduce the level of condensation that could potentially get inside.

It’s important to remember to keep your engine ticking over in the winter months, and while it might not be getting used for work around the farm, it’s important to turn the engine over at least once a month to avoid batteries from going flat and from freezing!

Prolong the life of your equipment by carrying out the essential maintenance required today.

At Beckside Machinery we have a range of compact tractors for sale and our team is always on hand and available to provide you with any help and advice needed when it comes to maintaining these pieces of machinery and their attachments.

Call us on 01673 828 965

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