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Discover the new Series 4 compact utility tractors from TYM

TYM Tractors is gearing up for an exciting season of updates and news as spring blooms. Recently, the company revealed their latest innovation in the form of the Series 4 compact utility tractors. This new line of TYM tractors debuted at international trade shows like SIMA and KIEMSTA and is now available for purchase in Korea and soon in Europe.

For those who are fans of the T62, T69, or T76 TYM tractor models, the Series 4 updates are sure to impress. In fact, the new Series 4 represents the first TYM tractor model update since the merger with Branson tractors under Kukje Machinery. The TYM design language is reflected in the new "tiger-face" front fascia, and the models' design aesthetic takes cues from the flagship Utility Tractor T130. Overall, the enhancements are geared towards a unified brand.

The TYM Series 4 compact utility tractors are compact yet comfortable, offering the best of both worlds. With easy control of attachments and hydraulic functions, such as quick turns and sensitivity controls, the new BOSCH electronic hydraulic control system offers exceptional maneuverability. The external top link buttons make attaching and detaching attachments a breeze, making it all the more convenient for farmers.

In addition, select models come equipped with convenient features like a wireless smartphone charger and cup warmer and cooler, in addition to a sun visor that prevents sun glare for maximum visibility. As TYM continues to expand their product line and availability domestically and internationally, the Series 4 lineup should be on the radar of anyone looking for major innovations in compact utility tractors.

For those in the UK on the lookout for top-quality tractors, Beckside Machinery is proud to offer TYM Tractors UK (formerly Branson Tractors). Their impressive range of tractors boasts the latest innovations and design features that take farming to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned agriculturalist or just starting out, the TYM Series 4 compact utility tractors are sure to impress with their unparalleled versatility and comfort. For more information on the latest tractors for sale in the UK, head over to Beckside Machinery's website today.

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