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Evaluating the Suitability of Various Flail Mowers for Different Sizes of Smallholdings

As a smallholder, finding the right equipment that caters to your specific needs can be challenging. With the FarmMaster Pro FL series of flail mowers, you can enjoy high-quality performance tailored for your smallholding.

Compact Tractor Specifications for Smallholding Maintenance

Operating a compact tractor for smallholding maintenance requires understanding the necessary specifications. The horsepower (HP) of your tractor is crucial as it determines the type of tasks it can handle efficiently. For instance, a smallholding of up to 5 acres would typically require a compact tractor of around 15-25 HP. As the size of your land increases, so does the requirement for more horsepower.

Overview of the FarmMaster Pro FL Flail Mower Series

The FarmMaster Pro FL series includes three sizes: the FL110, FL135, and FL160. Each model offers unique features that cater to different smallholding sizes, ensuring there's an ideal fit for every farmer.

Key Features

All models in the FarmMaster Pro FL series boast standard features like CAT. 1, 3 point hitch, 540 RPM aluminum gearbox, freewheel, transmission with two belts and adjustable tensioner, rotor with “Y” blades, and an adjustable rear roller with 3 positions. These features enhance the durability and performance of the mowers, making them capable of cutting grass, weeds, and small bushes effectively.

Horsepower and PTO Requirements

The horsepower requirements for the FarmMaster Pro FL series range from 12-30hp, depending on the model. This aligns with the typical horsepower of compact tractors used in smallholdings.

Specifically, the FL110 requires a tractor with 12-20 HP, the FL135 needs 12-30 HP, and the FL160 calls for 20-30 HP. It's vital that the horsepower of the FarmMaster Pro FL flail mower matches the compact tractor's horsepower to ensure efficient mowing of overgrown vegetation and clearing brush from your smallholding.

Ideal for Various Smallholding Sizes

The FL110, with its 106cm cutting width and 12-20hp requirement, is well-suited for smallholdings of 1-5 acres. For slightly larger smallholdings of 5-10 acres, the FL135 and FL160, with their broader cutting widths and higher horsepower requirements, are more appropriate.

In conclusion, the FarmMaster Pro FL series offers a balance of power, versatility, and efficiency. They stand out as excellent choices for smallholders seeking a reliable solution for their maintenance needs. And while they are already high-performing machines, their design ensures they operate at peak efficiency without the need for additional upgrades.

The FarmMaster Pro FL series is available for purchase from Beckside Machinery, a trusted distributor of high-quality farming equipment. For inquiries or to place your order, reach out to Beckside Machinery via their website (, or give them a call at 01673 828965.

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