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fixing attachment PTO Wood chipper

PTO wood chipper for sale UK may be a quite special equipment for producing wood chip, and PTO wood chipper is additionally wood sheet cutter, belongs to timber Process one among serial equipment.It is widely utilized in the fabric papering section during the industry productions like weaving, papermaking, slurrying, wood-based plate.Wood it's undersized log, bamboo wood, slab material and felling time yule logs clout after peeling etc. that material wood chipping equipment, which mainly cuts staple. Existing timber is cut, the depth of cut of the cutterhead of piece machine is changeless, for meticulous or too short and irregular wood staple, it's impossible to administered equal Even cutting, can only stop staple on the first basis, the result uneven distribution for therefore chipping out, influence the effect of wood chipping equipment Really, and current cutterhead fixing attachment is typically to put in blade with a fastening bolt, generally existing blade fixing intensity is insufficient , things that blade easily loosens, causes blade to be lost caused by vibrations, increases cost.

The purpose of this technology is and therefore the knife of a sort of PTO wood chipper proposed so as to unravel shortcoming present in prior art Tray fixing attachment.

To achieve these goals, following technical scheme is employed:

A kind of cutterhead fixing attachment of PTO wood chipper for sale, including cutterhead, the outer circumferential walls of the cutterhead offer equally distributed Insert groove, and therefore the quantity of insert groove is eight to 10 , and blade is made between described two insert grooves and is leaned on, the blade rest on one Side two ends offer in two screwed holes parallel to the circumference of cutterhead, and two screwed holes and are threaded with the primary blade respectively Fastening bolt and therefore the second blade fastening bolt, the side home position of the cutterhead open up fluted, rock bottom center of circle position of the groove Put and offer through hole, the within of the through hole is plugged with handle of a knife, and therefore the one end of the handle of a knife faraway from cutterhead is connected by fastening bolt there's rotating bar, the one end of the rotating bar faraway from handle of a knife is connected with the primary motor, and therefore the side of first motor is by fastening spiral shell Tether and be connected to fixed block, the fixed block offers the perforation of two vertical direction, and therefore the top of two perforation is welded with whirlpool Roller box, the interior whorl of the turbine box is connected with screw mandrel, and therefore the side of the turbine box is connected with the second motor, and therefore the screw mandrel is remote One end from fixed block by fastening bolt is connected with base. It is ideal that, the blade is by for chrome-moly steel material, and blade is leaned on and cutterhead is made in one structure. It is ideal that, the one side that the blade is leaned on is faces directly, and therefore the another side that blade is leaned on is arcwall face. It is ideal that, the part that the handle of a knife extends to inside grooves is fixed by fixing nut, and therefore the thickness of fixing nut but the depth of groove. It is ideal that, the interior diameter of the through hole is a smaller amount than the interior diameter of groove, and therefore the external diameter of the fixing nut of handle of a knife is adequate to groove Internal diameter. It is ideal that, the interior diameter of two perforation is all above the external diameter of screw mandrel.

This technology has the beneficial effect that:

1. being fixed on the primary motor that movable knife disc is rotated on contiguous block, contiguous block are often by the second motor with being moved down on screw mandrel it's dynamic, cutterhead is moved up and down, timber is processed with the necessity for tackling different thicknesses size, improves the efficiency of wood chipping equipment.

2. each blade of cutterhead is installed with two fastening bolts, thrust is robust , blade is brought into close contact with cutterhead, and rigidity increases By force, reduce the blade caused by vibrations to be lost, cost is lower, and processing effect is more preferable.

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