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Full Range of Kioti Tractors: Quality, Performance, and Versatility

When it comes to tractors that are easy to operate, reliable, and versatile for various tasks, the Kioti tractor range is an excellent choice. Whether you're looking for a compact tractor for small-scale tasks or a larger model for heavy-duty work, Kioti has a tractor that fits the bill. Here's a detailed look at the full range of Kioti tractors for sale.


The KIOTI CS series offers subcompact tractors ranging from 21 – 25 hp. Despite being the smallest in the range, these tractors come with a premium Kioti diesel engine, mid PTO and mowing deck, rear PTO and 3 point linkage, and ergonomic driver platform and controls. They can handle a wide array of tasks such as mowing, front loader work, towing a horsebox, and more with ease.

Some top features of the KIOTI CS series include:

  • Powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine that is economical and compliant with STAGE V emission guidelines.

  • Easy operation with power steering, an ergonomic driver platform and controls, and a clear view of the implements at all times.

  • Two transmission options, manual and hydrostatic, both offering excellent manoeuvrability.

The CS series includes models like the CS 2520H-GE HST, CS 2220 U-EU MECH, and CS 2510 HST, each designed to suit different needs.


The KIOTI CX series with 24.5 horsepower is ideal if you need a compact yet powerful tractor for heavier work. These tractors are simple to operate, have compact dimensions and low weight, and feature convenient controls.

Key features of the KIOTI CX series include:

  • Hydrostatic power steering that minimizes effort for tight, repetitive turns.

  • Compact dimensions for easy manoeuvrability and stalling.

  • Ergonomically designed workstation for maximum operator comfort.

Models in the CX series like the CX2510CH-EU, CX2510H-EU, and CX2510-EU offer different transmission types and comfort levels to suit various needs.


The KIOTI CK series offers high-specification compact tractors that are versatile and powerful. With models ranging from 25 to 50 horsepower, these tractors boast a modern streamlined design for great visibility and serviceability.

Features that set the KIOTI CK series apart include:

  • Powerful yet economical STAGE V Kioti diesel engine.

  • Spacious and ergonomic driver platform.

  • Integrated front loader joystick as standard on HST ROPS and all cabin models.

Models in the CK series, including the CK5030 CH and CK4030 H, are designed to meet a wide variety of needs.


The KIOTI DK20 series offers tractors with high ground clearance, making them ideal for use on rough terrain without the risk of damaging crops or grass. These tractors are comfortable and powerful, featuring a 4-cylinder diesel engine.

Key features of the KIOTI DK series include:

  • PTO 540 / 540 ECO with an option for 1000RPM.

  • High ground clearance of 38 cm.

  • Powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine compliant with STAGE V emission guidelines.

The DK series includes models like the DK 6020 C, DK 6020 HS/NHS, and DK 6020 H, each tailored to specific needs.

In conclusion, Kioti tractors stand out for their quality, performance, and versatility. They offer excellent value for money, combining durability, power, and ease of operation. Whether you're a small farm owner or managing large estates, Kioti has a tractor model that will perfectly cater to your needs.

All these Kioti tractors are available from Beckside Machinery, awarded the UK's top Kioti Dealer by Kioti UK. To explore the full range of Kioti compact tractors for sale in the UK, contact them on 01673828965 or visit their website.

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