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Germany's Direct Sales Success puts KiotI Tractors at the Top of Europe

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

  • With 1,100 companies participating and 62,000 visitors, this is Europe's largest landscaping exhibition.

  • 14 products were on display, including small and medium tractors as well as large HX tractors for sale and diesel mowers to be released next year.

  • A meeting of KIOTI Tractors European Dealers with 16 European countries took place during the exhibition on the 15th.

'GaLaBau 2022,' Europe's largest exhibition in gardening landscaping, held in Nürnberg, Germany, September 14-17, saw Daedong (CEO Joon-Sik Kim and Yu-hyeon Won), a leading future agriculture company, participate.

Every other year, GaLaBau is an exhibition specializing in gardening and landscaping, and Daedong participated in the exhibition for the first time in 2018. Over 62,000 visitors and 1,100 companies from 33 countries participated in this year's exhibition, which was held on approximately 120,000 square meters (34,200 pyeong) of space.

Daedong exhibited 14 products, including compact tractors for sale, UTV's, and flail mowers, on 400 square meters (120 pyeong), the largest among participating companies. Small and mid-sized tractors with 20-60 horsepower were introduced by Daedong as Daedong's flagship products in the European market, including the HX 1201 tractor with 127 horsepower, a diesel mower with 127 horsepower, and a multipurpose transport vehicle. In order to launch new products in the European market next year, Daedong will take customer and dealer feedback into account. With a 30% increase in sales this year's first half, Daedong's HX tractor has gained popularity in the domestic market as a 100-140 horsepower tractor with remote management and autonomous driving functions.

As part of the GaLaBau exhibition period, the 'KIOTI European Dealers Meeting', which had been discontinued due to Covid, was finally held on September 15. The event was attended by 60 people, including KIOTI dealers and Daedong employees, who shared visions on performance, plans, and roadmaps for new products. The evening also included a dinner party and an award ceremony for excellent KIOTI dealers.

In Europe, Daedong's export brand, KIOTI, known for its tractors, multipurpose trucks, and mowers, is recognized as a comprehensive GCE brand, according to Dongkyun Kim, CEO of Daedong North America & Europe. According to him, Europe sales increased by 21% every year during the past three years despite the pandemic, and we hope that by strengthening our German brand power, we will become the top brand in Europe within five years, as we are already in North America.”

The company also opened an office in Germany in 2019 and began selling directly to consumers. Through KIOTI roadshows in 2020 and 2021, they visited important target regions in Germany to advertise their products and expand their client base despite the pandemic in 2020. The sale of tractors and transport vehicles has increased by 158% annually since 2019 as a result of Daedong's acquisition of around 70 dealerships in the German market.

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