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Hinged Mounting Bracket Power Harrow For Sale

The present invention relates to a power harrow for sale, and more particularly, one end hinged to the power harrow mounting bracket formed on the upper portion of the rotor bay, and therefore the other end hinged and paired to the primary bracket formed on the tractor harrow plate; during a power harrow for a Kioti tractor or Branson Tractors comprising a plurality of lifting rods hinged to the left and right sides of the harrow mounting bracket, the opposite end is hinged to the second bracket formed on the left and right sides of the power harrow plate, the primary bracket and therefore the expansion cylinder A cylinder link between the second bracket and the lifting cylinder, and a lifting rod link or lifting rod guide hole, and an angle limiting stopper for limiting the angle of the harrow to the hinge coupling point of the lifting rod and therefore the second bracket. Basic flattening also as effective soil dragging and pushing are possible, and therefore the tractor harrow board is suitable for side collisions. it's a link-type flow, and therefore the power harrow for sale doesn't get damaged, its configuration is straightforward , and it's easy to assemble and use. Also, there's no flow like slack when driving with the harrow plate raised. it's about tractor harrow which there's no fear of bumping.

In general, a rotorbait is installed at the rear of the compact tractor through a three-point link and receives tillage from the facility take-off (PTO) shaft, and therefore the rotorbait is installed for non-nonstop operation. a piece machine is installed, called a tractor harrow.

Such a power harrow for sale performs the operation of flattening when the small tractor moves forward, and recently, a configuration has been developed during which a structure is added to push the soil even when the tractor reverses.

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