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How much is a quad bike?

Quad bikes have gained immense popularity among outdoor enthusiasts in the UK. They offer a thrilling experience for adults and kids alike, and their versatility makes them suitable for various terrains. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at the cost of quad bikes in the UK, with a special focus on the popular Polaris Sportsman range.

Polaris Sportsman

Broad Pricing of Quad Bikes

The cost of quad bikes in the UK varies depending on several factors. For adult quad bikes, prices can range from £1,500 to over £15,000, whereas kids' quad bikes are relatively cheaper, with prices ranging from £500 to £5,000. It is essential to consider that these prices are subject to change based on various factors.

Factors Impacting the Cost of a Quad Bike

  1. Brand: Renowned brands such as Polaris ATVs tend to be more expensive due to their reputation for quality and performance.

  2. Dealer or Shop: The price of a quad bike may vary depending on the dealer or shop. Some may offer discounts or promotions, while others may have higher prices due to their location or additional services provided.

  3. Additional Features and Accessories: Customisations and added features, such as upgraded suspension systems or unique paint jobs, can significantly increase the cost of a quad bike.

Polaris Sportsman Range: Benefits and Features

As a highly reputable brand, Polaris is known for its quality and performance in the world of powersports. The Polaris Sportsman range, in particular, offers a variety of options for both adults and children, including the following models:

  1. Sportsman 570: This versatile quad bike is designed for both work and play. It features a powerful ProStar engine, independent rear suspension, and an integrated front storage compartment.

  2. Sportsman 570 EPS: With Electronic Power Steering (EPS), the Sportsman 570 EPS offers an added level of comfort and control for riders. It also includes all the features of the standard Sportsman 570 model.

  3. Sportsman XP 1000: This high-performance quad bike boasts a potent 90-horsepower engine, advanced suspension system, and premium features such as a digital instrument cluster.

  4. Sportsman Touring XP 1000: Designed for two riders, the Touring XP 1000 offers a comfortable passenger seat, electronic power steering, and other premium features found in the Sportsman XP 1000 model.

Beckside Machinery: Your Trusted Polaris ATV Dealer

When searching for a Polaris ATV for sale, look no further than Beckside Machinery, a trusted Polaris ATV dealer. They offer an extensive range of Polaris ATVs for sale and provide excellent customer service, ensuring you find the perfect quad bike to suit your needs.

In conclusion, the cost of quad bikes in the UK varies depending on several factors, but investing in a high-quality brand like Polaris guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. Don't hesitate to contact Beckside Machinery for more information and explore their selection of quad bikes to find the perfect Polaris Sportsman model for you.

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