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Hybrid compact tractor attachment, has power harrow for sale

The present compact tractor attachment relates to a hybrid power harrow for sale for preparing the soil during a single pass for seeding for a replacement crop. Post-harvest soil preparation usually requires several different agricultural compact tractor attachments and implements like stubble cultivation tools, stone buriers, plows, comb harrows and rollers, and also treatment tools for slime and other insects. This soil preparation work is therefore particularly lengthy and dear in sight of the amount of hours required for this work and therefore the hours of rotation of the Branson tractors to hold them out. additionally, it's observed that a number of the specified work, like the passage of a rotary harrow, are often conveniently done only at a slow forward speed of the compact tractor, not exceeding 5 to six km / hr. usual way. the thing of the power harrow for sale is therefore to style a replacement economic and ecological machine to organize the soil during a single pass for seeding and which, additionally , can and will, for a far better result, be administered at a speed relatively high, greater than 8 Km / h and preferably between 10 and 12 Km / h. consistent with the invention, the tractor harrow is characterized therein it comprises, a minimum of one set of disc-crop disc trains, a minimum of one comb harrow with a minimum of two rows of combs for crumbling clods formed by the primary plowing and spreading of organic waste, like straw, manure, betrave leaves, the remains of corn stalks etc. a minimum of one independent disc train, each disc is independent of 1 another or linked two by two on an equivalent axis for finishing and refining, and possibly in certain soils a minimum of one crumbling roller.

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